How to Create a Cheese and Chocolate Experience


How to Create the Ultimate Cheese & Chocolate Experience

Don't pull out those airplane nuts! Pull out cool nuts- like pine nuts, Macadamia nuts, Marcona almonds, or spiced nuts! Maybe they're caramelized, maybe they're salted, but they are most definitely roasted.

Always have an array of your favorite cheeses on hand, different chocolate bars, or dark chocolate truffles.

Encourage your guests to experience the perfect bite by cutting and artfully placing the cheese upon your charcuterie board. We find, sometimes, when cheese isn’t pre-cut, guests may be hesitant to make the first slice.

We encourage you to add unique crackers to your charcuterie board. Katrina loves parmesan crisps with dark chocolate. (Try with our Raw Honey Cacao Bar!) Make these tasty crisps at home or you can buy them in the store.

Always have an element of surprise, something irreverent like bacon and chocolate, olives and white chocolate. Simply mix it up a little bit. It cuts the air with something fresh, different, and unexpected.

We find it fun to serve soft cheeses that are unexpected with a spoon, whether it's Mascarpone or the Portuguese creamy cheese that you scoop instead of slice. All different ways to savor cheese and chocolate! Or, use the chocolate as the cracker and spread the soft cheese on to the chocolate. Another idea: you can pair our Raw Honey Cacao Bar with ricotta cheese!

Our Fave Cheese and Chocolate Pairings:

Bianco Sottobosco studded with Perugian black truffles + Olio d’Oliva Italian Truffle

Cowgirl Creamery Chimney Rock + Brown Butter Exotic Truffle

12-month aged Manchego + Chef Pascal Exotic Truffle

Jasper Hill Farm Bayley Hazen Blue + Ambrosia Exotic Truffle

Capriole Goat Cheese “Sofia” + Gold Leaf Praline Bonbon

    Tricks of the Trade: 

    When you cut a round, square or any cheese, every slice of cheese should always have the center in every bite that is the tender spot.
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