3 Chocolate Gifts for Gemini Season

Ready for some fresh air? Say hello to Gemini season! Bright and intellectual Gemini invites us to get social and let our inner light shine. Geminis are passionate outgoing people who love to talk about anything and everything. If you have a Gemini in your life, there's nothing they love more than a little personal celebration or gifts in honor of their special day! 

Sourdough Pretzel & Toffee Soiree Smash

Since Gemini is a social butterfly, what better way to feed their need for fun than with a giant, shareable slab of chocolate? Gather their favorite group to smash and share 2 pounds of salty-sweet 62% dark chocolate, grass-fed butter toffee, sourdough pretzels, fresh vanilla marshmallow, Bronte pistachios, and Montmorency cherry. 

Chocolate Ritual Collection for Peace

Geminis may be quick to speak, but they often struggle with overthinking. The internal battle of what's right or wrong, more important or not, can bring the twins down deep into their own minds. In times of struggle, an oasis of peace can be helpful. The Chocolate Ritual for Peace Collection is a great companion for connecting the mind, body, and spirit through chocolate and intention setting. Complete with our Vegan Truffle Collection, Healing Waters Bath Salts, a Linnea's Lights Soy Candle, Palo Santo Bundle, and Guided Ritual Card to aid them in their practice of peace. 

Exotic Truffle Collection, 32 pieces

Birthday gifts should be about indulgence, so let's indulge Gemini's sometimes indecisive nature! The 32-piece Exotic Truffle Collection comes with a vast array of chocolate truffle flavors that will satisfy any Gemini's appetite, no matter which way their mood is swaying. 

Happy Gemini Season!