3 Chocolate Gifts for Gemini Season

Ready for some fresh air? Say hello to Gemini season! Bright and intellectual Gemini invites us to get social and let our inner light shine. Geminis are passionate outgoing people who love to talk about anything and everything. If you have a Gemini in your life, there's nothing they love more than a little personal celebration or gifts in honor of their special day! 

Champagne and Petit Gateaux Gift Set 

Since Gemini is a social butterfly, what better way to feed their need for fun than with everything they need to host, toast, taste, and imbibe? Gather their favorite group to pair and share our coveted Lemon Raspberry Cakes and a bottle of Canard-Duchene Brut Rosé alongside an immersive wine pairing book that will walk the group through the five characteristics of wine and spirits and how to taste.

Vegan Truffle Collection, 9 Pieces

Dark yet sweet, like the Gemini, the Vegan Truffle Collection features a delightful balance of proprietary 72% dark chocolate alongside luscious pockets of fruit and nuts. Gemini babes tend to be charming yet cunning, adaptable, and honest, adding to the variety of life. However, those born under this sign often find themselves trapped in the labyrinth of overthinking. The Vegan Truffle Collection is the perfect gift that offers a bit of peace with their enjoyment, knowing that this collection is low in sugar and uses no dairy. It's a unique blend, just like them.

A small purple candy box tied with a purple ribbon bow sit's open displaying three rows of vegan chocolate truffles adorned in colorful toppings on a light grey background.

Exotic Truffle Collection, 32 pieces

Birthday gifts should be about indulgence, so let's indulge Gemini's sometimes indecisive nature! Our 32-piece Exotic Truffle Collection is a treasure trove of flavors that will satisfy any Gemini's appetite, regardless of their mood. Each truffle is a burst of unique flavor, a surprise waiting to be discovered. 

Happy Gemini Season!