3 Chocolate Gifts to Celebrate Scorpio Season

Scorpio. Perhaps the most misunderstood inhabitants of the Zodiac. Their passion and power often get them mistaken for a fire sign, but they actually come from the water, and therein lies the first clues to the mysterious and seductive Scorpios in your life.

Their intensity is as strong as crashing waves rather than burning flames and though many of their characteristics are seemingly negative on the surface, if you dive deep below the surface, the waters of the Scorpio run deep with gifts and care for those they trust.

The Scorpio can often be found thinking. They love mystery and secrets, complexities and a good plot, so they make excellent strategists who must be given time and space to think things through.  One shouldn’t take this as an affront. Just because the Scorpio needs solitude and often craves it, they also are highly emotional and want connection.

Crispy Peanut Butter Skulls by Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Crispy Peanut Butter Skulls

Reality and being realistic are also of great importance to the Scorpio. They have very little patience for dishonesty or being fake, so don’t be surprised if a Scorpio, who is also very direct and unfailingly honest, calls someone out when they are exercising the opposite.

As far as a Scorpio is concerned, there is no such thing as limitations. They can be incredible entrepreneurs for this reason. They may not make the best employees, but because they work hard, play hard and since they have their eye on the prize and always know what they want, their ambitions take them further than most.

The Ultima Materia Truffle Collection by Vosges Haut-Chocolat

The Ultima Materia Truffle Collection

When there is difficulty, you will want a Scorpio friend or family member nearby. They are the first to volunteer to take on challenge and danger when it is for someone or about something they care about. Any expression of loyalty that they can offer, they will, and this is one of the best ways they know how to do so.

A Scorpio is a true, loyal, companion, family member and friend, who will stand next to the people they trust through thick and thin. Their empathy for those they are close to is boundless and their commitment perpetual.

Soiree Smash 2.2 Pound Chocolate Slab by Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Soiree Smash 2.2 Pound Chocolate Slab Crispy Peanut Butter

Do they still hold their secrets and mysteries close even when they trust you? Yes, and they always will. But often, their secrets are just the true nature of their feelings, protected by the crustaceous shell of the Scorpion, protecting themselves and those that they love.

Happy Scorpio Season!