A Full Moon Chocolate Ritual

A Full Moon Chocolate Ritual 

Full moons are considered a powerful astrological event. They represent a culmination of manifestation, realization, and all the hard work you've been putting in. If you would like to harness the power of the full moon and all it has to offer, try incorporating a chocolate ritual into your evening sky gazing. 


- Find a place that makes you feel at peace with yourself. Outside in the light of the moon is best, but if that is not a possibility, set up a comfortable spot near an open or unobscured window. 

- Get ready to evaluate. Full moons are all about capping off a current cycle before moving on to the next. If it helps, jot down a few thoughts or topics you would like to meditate on. You can also use this to record gratitude during or after the ritual. 

- Bring your favorite crystals, "lucky charms," or sacred objects. Full moon energy is perfect for cleansing any personal talismans. Lay them out in the light of the moon or along your window sill. 

- Gather your favorite chocolate. Consuming chocolate during ritual is an extremely powerful way to propel its positive effects throughout your body.

- Cleanse your space using sage or palo santo. You can also use incense or light a few candles to convey warmth. 


- Because the full moon represents endings rather than new beginnings, it is best to avoid intention setting. Rather, start off by stating, or writing, what you are grateful for. You can also acknowledge your recent successes and celebrate your big wins.  

- Once you have spent a moment with your thoughts, repeat them out loud to yourself as you take a nibble of a dark chocolate truffle or confection of your choice. Allow it to melt over your palate as you let your body relax, taking in the full breadth of flavor, envisioning this bite as a vehicle that drives manifestation and gratitude throughout your body. 

- Once the bite has passed your heart and settled in your stomach, stand up. Let your body move organically, and follow along with how your limbs naturally move. Dance! Don't be afraid to let go and get moving. The saying may be cliché, but truly, no one is watching. 

- As your dance concludes, give one open-mouthed exhale of thanks, leaving your gratitude echoing throughout the night, illuminated by the glow of the full moon.

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