A Ritual for Prosperity

To begin…

Find your breath. Close your eyes and inhale.

  • Ground and center yourself.
  • Release any thoughts or worries you have in your mind by a QiGong LoLo Cleansing. Bend your knees slightly, collect your worries fears or any limiting beliefs in your hands and discard them to the sides. Then visualize standing underneath a waterfall to cleanse them away,
  • Unwrap your pyrite crystal and with your sage, smudge it to clean and clear any previous energies.

Ritual for Prosperity

Crystals are amplifiers of energy, therefore you program them with your intention properly.

  • Pick up your pyrite and say, “I activate and program this crystal for prosperity.”


Notice the feeling in your hand and visualize this energy light coming into your entire body. Feel the connection with your crystal.

  • Take time to think about your prosperity goals for all areas within your life, as if they have already occurred. Write your intentions with gratitude. 


Define your intention’s energy with taste, sound and color. 

  • Come to a comfortable seated or resting position on the ground.
  • Visualize your prosperity goals and what it means to you.  
  • Place your chocolate on your written intention.
  • Speak your intention out loud.
  • Close your eyes and visualize this for 11 minutes and 11 seconds. 
  • Hold the chocolate in your dominant hand and take seven deep breaths.

As you eat the chocolate, notice all sensory cues how it sounds feels smells, looks and tastes.

  • Place your hands gently over your heart and say, “thank you.”

How to manifest prosperity after your ritual

  • Store your pyrite in a box with money and watch the serendipity.
  • Write down all of the moments of prosperity that come your way. Small wins are just as important as the big ones to build momentum.
  • Perform your own ritual and write your intentions for prosperity
  • In clear and specific detail, write your intention, as if it has already happening and by what date it will be accomplished.

The more you write the more the universe knows to bring your more of these types of fortune.

  • Dream bigger than you think you deserve. You are worth big dreams coming true, so ask for it in all parts of your life, health, relationships, finances, intelligence... “I am potent. I have a great power, influence or effect.”
  • Infuse your intentions deeper by placing your chocolate, water glass or anything you consume atop your written words and track all the magical happenings that occur. 

Stones of Prosperity:

Citrine, jade, pyrite, green aventurine

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