All About High Vibe Foods

High Vibe Foods

High vibe foods are grown with the utmost care, purity of process and quality of soil. When food is nurtured in this way it becomes activated with elevated energetics. Through organic and biodynamic growing practices we care for the planet and feed our bodies nutrient rich food. This holistic and ethical approach to farming and food means receiving and giving back to the land in cycle without waste and chemicals. The symbiotic relationship between the growers and the land, a love of growth and craft, ensures a truly whole vibratory food.

High vibe foods

Algae: green spirulina, blue spirulina 

High vibe ingredients come from pastures and groves, seas and waterways that hold harvesting traditions passed on for generations. They are produced with practices that are revered, loved and regenerative. They are foods that possess an unending energy that vibrates at the highest level from both the land and the joy, respect of the grower.

High Vibe foods

Berries: marionberries, black raspberries

You can find high vibe foods all around you. They are ingredients and foods that are pure and made with the greatest care. They include whole ingredients that are easy to read. Some of the high vibe ingredients we use in our chocolates include: specially crafted Wademan black sesame from Japan, black raspberries and boysenberries harvested from the Northwest US (we get ours from Northwest Wild Foods), cacao nibs from Ghana, camu camu powder from the rainforests of Brazil, baobab from Zimbabwe, lingonberry powder from the forests of Sweden, blue and green spirulina from the lakes of the West, cinchona bark from Colombia, Sri Lankan Ceylon cinnamon and northeastern Brazil’s muira puama bark to name a few.

High vibe foods

Barks: cinnamon, muira puama powder, cinchona bark

You can incorporate these high vibe foods examples throughout your day. Remember to find foods that are biodynamic or organic and produced with the utmost care. You can start simple, sprinkle some cacao nibs on your smoothie, make a salad with hemp seeds or use some cinnamon in a soup, chili or stew. As you start to familiarize yourself with these foods you’ll begin to find ways to include them in everything you make!

high vibe foods

Seeds: hemp and black sesame paste

You can also raise the vibe of your food by surrounding it with beauty. Lovingly choose your favorite flowers and crystals to adorn your table, platters and plates. The adjacent beauty and joy you send to the food and its surroundings raises the vibration! Believe it!

high vibe foods

Cacao: cacao beans, cacao nibs, cocoa powder

high vibe foods

Tart Touches: camu camu, baobab, lingonberry