Apple, Honey & Chocolate

An Ancient Egyptian pairing of sliced tart apple, fresh honey comb and our Meissen addition of pyramid-shaped chocolates crafted with Bergamot citrus, tellicherry peppercorn and 62% cacao dark chocolate enraptured in an electric blue algae cocoa butter. This recipe is inspired by Geb the God of Earth whose laughter allowed the crops to grow.

Apple Honey and Geb Truffle


  • 1 tart apple slice
  • At least 1 square inch of Fresh honey comb
  • Optional Pairing: Geb Truffle 


  1. Vertically slice apple and take your preferred slide and carefully lay onto a vibrant plate
  2. Cut a square of honey from your fresh honey comb and place onto apple slice
  3. Place your Geb Truffle into the apple  
  4. Enjoy!
Apple Honey and Geb Truffle

    Recommended Haut-Chocolat Pairing: 

    Bastet – A Sacred Hi Vibe Chocolate Collection, Geb Truffle