Artemis' Raspberry Lemonade

These little bunnies hop to you from Greece, bringing luck, love and a parfum of zingy raspberry with them. In Greece, the rabbit is beholden as a symbol and powerful spiritual totem representing marriage, fertility and beauty. Pair these little rabbits with Katrina's Raspberry Lemonade, which is as popular with the children as it is spiked for the adults at your Easter fête.


1 cup lemon juice ~ 5 lemons
¾ cup frozen raspberries
6 cups spring water
2 teaspoons stevia liquid
A few drops of rose water to taste
A fluffle (or two) of Artemis' Forest Rose Raspberry Rabbits


Blend all together in a pitcher. Cover. Let infuse for 2 hours or overnight.

This is a sugar free, all-natural lemonade hit! Even if you don’t like stevia, this is a different experience, as the lemon cuts the cloying aftertaste of stevia and the raspberries add a unique sweetness to make this an all day liquid treat.