Chocolate Matcha Elixir

Chocolate Matcha Elixir
Ceremonial Matcha is the vibrant Japanese green tea that is hand picked in early spring for the most vibrant and tender tea leaves. It is then stone-ground into a super fine powder to preserve the color, L-theanine, catechins and chlorophyll. Prepared by a revered method that honors the sweet aromas of the tea. It is bright in color, sweet in flavor with slightly grassy notes. When choosing a matcha you want to look for a ceremonial grade that is bright green and ground into a sheer, smooth powder. These characteristics indicate a well grown and preserved tea leaf ground with care. 

This unique recipe combines the taste of matcha with the smooth earthy, nutty taste of cacao. Oat milk and honey provide a smooth sweetness that unites the flavors and makes for a drink that is filled with super polyphenols. A super healthy American treat.

Chocolate Matcha Elixir

Yield: 1 cup, Prep Time: 5 minutes, Cook Time: 3  minutes, Total Time: 8 minutes


1 teaspoon matcha tea, Ceremonial or Yaupon* 

2 teaspoon high quality cocoa powder

1 cup 180°F oat milk or spring water for a pure health cup 

1 teaspoon raw honey or more to taste 

bamboo matcha whisk

Chocolate Matcha Elixir prep


While you heat your water to 180°F, sift your matcha and chocolate together into a bowl. When the water reaches 180°F, pour 1/4 cup into the bowl and whisk it all together in an “M” motion to create a smooth paste. Once the tea and chocolate are incorporated without any lumps, pour in the remaining 3/4 cup of oat milk and honey; continue to whisk until a bit frothy (I sometime cheat and use a blender for this last step because the froth is my favorite part). You’ll receive great satisfaction from both the careful preparation and rewarding outcome. 

Whisking Chocolate Matcha Elixir

Where To Buy

*Local Leaf, Superfood Yaupon Matcha: Local Leaf produces a beautiful, potent superfood matcha using the yaupon leaf, native to North America, with the application of traditional Japanese matcha techniques. 

Haru Matcha, Matcha whisk

Palais des Thés, Matcha bowl and whisk set