Fermented Blackberry ‘Bucha

Fermented Blackberry ‘Bucha

Kombucha meets cacao in this high vibe potion worth experiencing. Keep as a mocktail or add a splash of vodka to turn this fermented drink into a cocktail.

blackberry bucha


  • .5 oz lime juice (lemon juice works too)
  • 2 oz blackberry preserve  
  • 4 oz kombucha, chilled 
  • 5 oz club soda, chilled 
  • To make it a cocktail, reduce kombucha to 3 oz and add 1 oz of vodka


  1. Blend the blackberry preserve and lime juice until very smooth
  2. Gently stir in club soda and kombucha just to combine
  3. Pour neat or over ice in your preferred glass
  4. Garnish with mini johnny jump ups or herbs. The Chef’s Garden is one of our favorite, reliable resources for special micro herbs and flowers

Recommended Haut-Chocolat Pairing:

Katrina Tip:

When drinking cold beverages, always taste the chocolate first followed by a sip of the cold beverage. This allows the cocoa butter to melt (versus freeze or harden) in your mouth during your tasting experience. Cocoa butter is a solid at room temperature and if it is too cold it can make your chocolate taste waxy.

blackberry bucha

Experience High Vibe:

Kombucha is a fermented food containing probiotics (live microorganisms), which are “good” bacteria and offer many health benefits for your gut and body. Cacao is also good for your stomach with the bacteria residing in your digestive tract that ferment both the antioxidants and the fiber in chocolate.