Introducing: The Vosges Burgundy Club

"I am excited to share with you the mysteries and gems of hunting for the treasures of Burgundy wines. John seeks the rare gem in Burgundy that often hails from a wine grower and maker who is only working with a single row of grapes to create a magnificent wine of extremely at a very small scale. The wine makers are often the growers as well and are master magicians in making the wines. They pour their hearts and souls into the wines and the results show. Without marketing needed these wines have a coveted audience and we are graced to have these beauties in our Burgundy wine club at very limited quantities, which will rarely be seen elsewhere as the yield is sold before it is even produced."

- Katrina

The treasures of Burgundy await you. Rare Burgundy white wines, meticulously aged cheeses, rich and creamy mustards, honey, handcrafted jams and a recipe book come together with our Cassis and Olio d'Oliva Chocolate Truffles to create a pairing experience like never before. 

Celebrate the Treasures of Burgundy with our exclusive Cheese, Honey and Chocolate pairing gift set! Much like the sprawling, medieval cellars of it's village of origin, this Saint-Bris, AOC, Sauvignon Blanc reveals deeply imbedded hues and aromatic secrets along the hidden corridors and passageways of it's flavor profile. Activate the full array of your senses when pairing with the earthy berry spirit of the Cassis Truffle, or the sensual richness of the Olio d' Olivia. Visualize mountains, fields of wildflowers as you indulge deeper with a hearty slice of Arnaud Comté Cheese topped in Hédène’s pure Mountain Honey and Edmond Fallot Burgundy Dijon Mustard. Breathe deep allowing the notes and echoes one last chorus as you sip fully and begin the cycle again.

From the Verret family comes this lush, garnet-toned Pinot Nior as rich and complex in it's flavor as the varied climates and vineyards making up it's incredible profile. Settle in with the comforting aroma of ripe, sautéed cherries and wild strawberry in the first pour. Pronounced fruity black currant and a red berry bouquet make for an approachable, jammy red finished in soft notes of Oak and Spice.

Dive deeper when pairing with the earthy berry spirit of the decedent Cassis Truffle, or try a soft wedge of creamy AOC Montboissie cheese smothered in a trio of hand-crafted jams from Chambre aux Confitures. Let the rhythm of flavor envelop your senses on a journey you'll want to experience over and over.

Bon Appetit!