Language of Love Gift Guide

More than one hundred languages have different ways of expressing the concept of love. Some languages, like Greek, have seven different words for the types of love we experience, ranging from romantic to platonic love.

However you say it, to someone else or to yourself, the power of love is one of the greatest human emotions. This season of love, we have created a whole collection to say “I love you”. For all the ones you love, we have the perfect gift befitting your affections for them.

Say I love you to your Best Friend or Group of Best Friends

The Bastet Collection

A collection worthy of gifting your supreme beloved, who may just be your bestie or besties!

Inspired by Bastet, the fiery protector of women, children and family, this heart-shaped box is filled with our extraordinary limited edition chocolate collection inspired by Ancient Egypt. The goddess of women's secrets, fertility, music and health, Bastet is celebrated with chocolates made to revel in the above and the below.

This collection is a monumental way to show your affection and the perfect collection for an intimate soiree. With a full array of truffles for sharing, these chocolates are a great conversation piece at the center of any table. And the best part? You get to enjoy them together at the end of a meal.

Say I love you to your Parent

Spending a part of this day of love with your parents? Say I love you to them with the magnificent and stately parfums of scotch whisky.

The Dalmore Scotch-Infused Chocolate Collection

A one-of-a-kind Scotch whisky and chocolate pairing experience in collaboration with The Dalmore™. We have carefully crafted three chocolate parfums to complement and enhance the aromas of The Dalmore™. Each truffle is infused with their unique single malt expressions and paired with raw honey ganache, candied orange peel, early-harvest first press Mediterranean olive oil, spiced ginger crumb, and vanilla bean coffee burnt sugar caramel.

Say I love you to your Child

Be the parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who gives the most delicious sweet treat to your little ones this Valentine’s Day. With something tart and sweet, these little hearts will delight even the tiniest palates!

Tart Cherry Rooibos Chocolate Bomba Hearts

Chocolate Hearts infused with our favorite recipe, a South African Rooibos tea, tart cherries, vanilla and 45% cacao deep milk chocolate. Cherries are a symbol of love and each bite says it’s so.

Say I love you to your Lover

This collection is just the thing to celebrate your love story. With a lush offering of our most exquisite dark chocolates, these truffles are a perfect pairing for your favorite bubbly on this sweetest day of celebrating your sweet!

Love Story Collection

Experience our Love Story Chocolates in an all dark chocolate truffle heart box. Dark Chocolate aficionados will adore this collection of our most popular 62-72% cacao dark chocolate truffles lovingly reserved for them the only way they like it. Deep, dark chocolate.

Say I love you to Yourself

The language of love applies to ourselves, too. Whether you’re single or just in need of some quiet “me time”, celebrate your inner fire with these fiery treats.

Red Fire Chili Chocolate Bomba Hearts

Chocolate Hearts infused with our fan-favorite recipe, Ancho and chipotle chilies with cinnamon in 62% cacao dark chocolate. In this season of love, Horus, who was celebrated for his healing powers, bringing well-being and self-love to all who revered him, serves as an inspiration for our Red Fire Chocolate Bomba Hearts as a reminder that loving ourselves is the highest form of love.

Or Say I love you “Just Because” to make someone s day

The truth is, we never need any excuse to say I love you and the more we say it, the better we feel. This Valentine’s Day you can show your love to just about anyone with the delicate fruit and flowers tucked inside this beautiful little box.

Raspberry Rose Truffles

We blended a treasured early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil with our proprietary 72% cacao dark chocolate and luscious pockets of Bulgarian rose water infused in a raspberry rose gelée. Having minimal amounts of sugar present in the chocolate and the fruit to sweeten them, these truffles are low in sweetness and sumptuously rich without any dairy.

May this Valentine’s Day be your perfect excuse for an expression of love, no matter the language you choose!