Lion’s Gate Portal Rituals + Practices

A couple weeks back we spoke with Ariel Spilsbury about the importance of the Mayan New Year and the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal. Today, August 8th, marks the peak opening of the portal, when the Sun is in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and Earth all align.

Today is a cosmically perfect day to tap into this high frequency energy, manifest your desires, and give the gift of gratitude to everyone who crosses your path (including yourself). Here are a few ways to harness the day’s energy and honor the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Practice an 8 Minute Meditation 
Imbue the numerological power of 8 into your meditation. Focus on positive, “make it happen” mantras like…

“I shape my own reality."
“I become a more empowered version of myself every day.”
“I am light. I am free. I am me.”

Bask In the Sun’s Rays & the Glow of Night
Physically spending time beneath the Leo Sun, the star Sirius, and the Moon will allow their rays of energy to penetrate your mind, body, and soul. Go out on a portal picnic or lay back with loved ones under the stars. Remember to stay hydrated throughout your day to fully appreciate and benefit from the magic of this galactic gate.

Journal On Your Ambitions
Leo energy is an incredibly powerful, courageous, can-do energy. Spend time with your mind, a pen and paper today and journal on concepts of ambition. Think about your goals and dreams, but also what you forgive yourself for, or what you have overcome. Some of our favorite prompts include….

“I love myself because…”
“I am most powerful when…”
“I forgive myself for…”
“Today, I release…”
“Tomorrow, I will…”

Practice Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the most powerful energy sources. Reach out to those who deserve your thanks, or those you have been meaning to shower with love. The heart energy coming from you and the high-frequency energy of the portal will come together to create what feels like a spiritually healing salve, pouring over you, fostering connection and promoting growth. Practicing fierce love is emblematic of Leo energy.

However, you choose to honor the Lion’s Gate Portal, remember that everything you do today is amplified, so practice love, give thanks, and lean into your inner Leo.