Luxury Gift Guide - Chocolate Edition

It’s that time of year again when we need to start thinking about all of the loved ones in our lives and give them a gift that shows them how much it means for them to be a part of our life. That being said, finding the perfect gift for someone or even finding unique gifts for people who have everything can be tricky. It can be fun but also stressful trying to find the perfect gift that is equal parts thoughtful and unique. Reading through various luxury gift guides online can be frustrating when they all have the same ideas. If you are looking for unique gifts for people who have everything, sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. It can even be as simple as chocolate, luxurious rich chocolate that is made with exotic flavors and is a journey itself. 

Gifts For People Who Have Everything

What do you give someone who already has everything? Luxury treats are always a great choice, especially if they love chocolate. With Vosges Haut-Chocolat, you’re not just gifting someone chocolate, you’re gifting them the experience of tasting chocolate as they’ve never had before, traveling the world through the flavor journey, and immersing them in decadence. That’s why sweet treats can be one of the best gifts for people who have everything.

1. Exotic Truffle Collection

    Exotic Truffle Collection

    This collection is one of the best unique gift ideas you could give to someone because it truly takes you on a  journey across the world with exotic flavors. This collection is one of our best-selling chocolates and for very good reason, every bite is different than the last.

    2. Caramel Marshmallows

    Caramel Marshmallows

    Have someone in your life that might have a tough exterior but once you get to know them, they’re actually real softies? Well, then the caramel marshmallows are for them! Just like your loved one, these delectable bites offer juxtaposition between a fluffy marshmallow center and a caramel and crunchy nut exterior. This collection is perfect for those who love subtle chocolate-dipped treats.

    3. Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library


    Get your favorite book lover something outside of the box. While the packaging looks like a collection of books, it's actually a collection of highly exquisite chocolate bars. Comprising snackable sizes of our must-have chocolates, both milk and dark chocolate. Bars of banana coconut, Barcelona, Raw Honey Cacao, Turmeric Ginger, and Chanterelle Walnut will send them on a journey just as exciting as the book they’re devouring.

    Unique Gift Ideas 

    Aside from our top bestsellers, we also have hidden gems that are perfect for that outside-of-the-box gift idea. Check out these unique gift ideas if you’re looking for a kit that will provide an extraordinary experience! 

    1. Ultima Materia Collection

     Ultima Materia Collection

    This collection of 21 chocolates and guided tasting book is designed to transform your chocolate into a powerful force. If the person you are gifting loves alchemy or magic, then this is absolutely perfect for them. Ultima Materia begins its magical experience from the moment you see the packaging to the moment you take a bit of these transformative chocolates. This collection was created to be a unique gift for the magic-lover in your life.

    2. Chocolate Meditation Collection

     Chocolate Meditation Collection

    This collection is an indulgent way to tap into your intuition. This collection of exotic chocolate truffles is meant for alchemical properties. Each truffle is accompanied with a corresponding crystal and a deck of affirmation cards. This is the perfect gift for your spiritual loved one or someone who finds crystals and tarot cards exciting.

    3. Chocolate Rituals


    Who doesn’t love manifesting peace, prosperity, and new beginnings? Our ritual collections are great unique gifts to give to someone who loves manifesting or for that loved one that wants to take their chocolate-enjoying experience to the next level. Everything needed for the ritual is included in the collection.

     4. Self Love

    Self Love

    Self love is so important nowadays, and it truly comes in various forms. From simple meditation to taking a bite of something delicious that can heal the soul– our self love collection does just that. This collection uses chocolates that are crystallized in a healing sound frequency tunnel of 528Hz to infuse loving and healing energy, making this another perfect gift for people who have everything

    When finding the right gifts for people who have everything, we’ve got everything covered to pick out the perfect gift. From simple yet exotic chocolates to collections that are truly a guided journey with pairing chocolates. After all, at Vosges Haut-Chocolat, we harness the power of storytelling to open minds, spirits, and palates through chocolate, inspiring us all to interact with the world in a more loving way.