Make Chocolate a Daily Ritual

With the new year upon us, there is no better time to take wellness into your own hands. There’s something about a fresh start that ignites a fire within us to push forward and seek better days ahead. From resolutions to exercise plans, there are a million ways to practice daily wellness, but the valuable act of ritual is often forgotten about.

Creating and engaging in daily rituals are proven forces for raising your vibe. In fact, a 2018 Harvard study found that the act of ritual can effectively promote self-control, “a hallmark virtue of human character.” In a time where much of our day-to-day often feels out of control, the positive effects of personal rituals become that much more valuable.

Start Fresh.

Daily rituals are personal and come in many forms. Perhaps you find a moment of meditation as you brew your morning coffee or tea. Making your bed, following a skincare routine, or musing on your intentions for the day are all rituals that can contribute to daily wellness. Eating chocolate and connecting with cacao is our favorite daily ritual.

Cacao itself is packed with theobromine- an active substance that contributes to the release of dopamine, which may boost energy and heighten your compassion. Cacao’s ability to aid in creativity and sensuality make it the perfect partner for daily ritual.

Our Chocolate Meditation Experience is a wonderful way to practice this concept. The collection itself is comprised of 16 exotic truffles specifically chosen for their properties, along with their crystal pairing mates and a deck of affirmation cards. This collection is an indulgent way to tap into your intuition daily.

Practice Gratitude.

Research has proven amazing benefits of carrying a grateful demeanor. It is shown that gratitude improves one’s general well-being, increases resilience, strengthens social relationships, and aids in reducing stress and depression. Making gratitude a daily habit is the ultimate conduit for finding peace and balance. The more we see our experiences in life, no matter the challenge, as an opportunity to find a silver lining, the better our overall well-being and life satisfaction.

Practicing gratitude daily can be as simple as writing down what you are grateful for in a notebook, or wherever you prefer to record your thoughts. Saying thank you for the little things, as well as the big things is an exercise in acknowledgment.

You can amplify the effects of this daily ritual by practicing gratitude with a partner, or group. Our Grateful Collection is a wonderful companion for this process. Not only does it include a 9-piece Truffle Collection, a Mini Chocolate Bar Library, and a petite tube of Caramels et Chocolats, but it also includes our Gratitude Cards. These cards were designed to share and connect with yourself and those around you, promoting the practice of gratitude and acknowledgment of all there is to be grateful for.

Seek Wellness.

Wellness can feel like a broad term, but in its technical definition, wellness is the state of being in good health, mentally and physically, especially as an actively pursued goal. To seek wellness is to continuously work towards what is best for YOU. This continuous effort requires daily practice. For some, that may mean working on self-discipline, for others, this could mean practicing honesty when expressing needs and desires. Whatever ritual you choose to use as you seek wellness, remember that the mental component is just as important as the physical.

We Vosgiens find that by combining chocolate with our daily rituals, it is easier to find a loving, mindful state, where we are kinder to ourselves as well as others. Eating chocolate promotes a sense of calm bliss with heightened focus and concentration and is a wonderful way to start every day.

With a truffle or your favorite piece of haut-chocolat in hand, set your intentions for the day. You can write them down or simply say them out loud, into the universe. Muse on it. Sit with your thoughts as you run your fingers over the outer shell of the truffle, slowly breathing in and out, steadying yourself for the day. When you are ready, take a bite. As you meditate on the flavor and your thoughts, you have already taken your first step toward wellness.