Moroccan Mulled Wine

The first traces of mulled wine date bac to the Roman Empire, in the year 20 AD, where it was called Conditum Paradoxum. To make it, the Romans put honey to boil in wine, then added spices (pepper, laurel, saffron), and dates. This mixture was then blended with even better wine to soften the substance. 

The inspiration for this version comes from a Moroccan warming aphrodisiac. Perfect for warming the heart and soul. 


- A few strands of saffron

- 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds

- a pinch of ground ginger

- a handful of small rosebuds

- red (or white) wine of your choice, 2 cups at minimum


Start by warming all the ingredients together (sans the wine) lightly in a dry pan, or in the oven for just a few moments.

Warm the wine of your choice in a large pot while steeping the spice and rose mixture. Stir often until steamy and lightly simmering. 

Strain the mixture before decanting into a wine jug, keeping a few of the roses to add back to the jug for decoration. Smell, sip, and enjoy.