New routines: back to school brings opportunity for new traditions.

Back from vacation, school has started, work is in high gear and the social calendar is filling up, sounds hectic…?! Let’s step back and remind ourselves that we are the creators of our life and everything around us is by our own design. Welcome to your super powers, yes you have them and you may now stand up and take charge of how the new routines in your home will flow effortlessly, filled with joy and in a state of equanimity. Autumn is a gorgeous time of year, full of new beginnings and fresh starts so let us take them in our hands in this very moment as you read these words. There is abundance in the air write what it is you want to see and feel. 

It’s super important to make time for yourself while also nurturing your loved ones. A great way to organize your time is to commit first to yourself; start the day with quiet time for you! Find time to meditate, I do guided visualizations with Dr. Barry Morguelan and David Romanelli, even if I only 5 minutes a day I be sure to write the goals for my day in the 8 categories, health, relationships, expanding finances, lowering overwhelm, creativity, intelligence and getting in the zone. Energy for Success has been a goddess-send for me.   

Make sure you are eating well, exercising and getting sleep. This will give you the daily recharge to be present with all other parts of your life! You’ll feel amazing as you make time for the magic moments with all the grumpy and beautiful people around, really I mean it.  If you make a connection with everyone you meet all day long and it will fuel your energy and notice the serendipity of your goals manifest.