Spring Equinox Reset for Rituals and New Beginnings

As the Spring equinox nears, March the 20th, it signifies that winter has ended and spring has arrived.
Mother earth is alive with possibility and that the fertility of the land is all but ensured.
The equinox is a time for a reset, renewal and letting go, allowing the passing of elements in your life that no longer serve.  For me, it feels like a Spring New Year's, without the drinking. I celebrate the Spring equinox with Chocolate Garden Circles for New Beginnings. Gathering colorful flowers and special elements for an indoor garden circle is a beautiful way to welcome the equinox, and is very powerful for focus, bringing a feeling of enchantment.

Step 1
Gather grasses, colorful flowers, or dried flowers (it doesn’t matter if they are dead, there is beauty in all). If your garden hasn't quite bloomed, garner favored cut flowers and plants. 
(I love to do this anytime of the year to bring the garden inside and feel more connected to nature).


Step 2 
Begin to create your circle on the floor using flowers, grasses and petals.

Step 3
Fill in the circle with flora and fauna – flowers and items that hold special energy and memories in your life. Whenever you set a circle like this, I find that all the creatures and children love to step in and join.

Step 4
On a piece of paper write down what you are looking to manifest. Is it creativity, finance, love, joy, strength? Place the paper in the circle along with your chocolate.

Step 5
Stand, sit, lay down next to your favorite elements and taste the chocolate.
Here I lay next to a photo of me and my grandfather, my Dedo.
As nature reawakens, it begs the question, what do you want to reawaken in yourself with this new beginning?