The Magic of Spring: Limited Edition Easter Collection

A Spring garden unfurls new growth around us and inside us. Woven in the loom of the dark earth, the seeds of life lie dormant until warmer air arrives and water is freed from beneath. These arising conditions present so that life begins again. The presence of water leaves its mark on all who inhabit the earth. The dynamic forces that bring new plant life and wildlife, shape riverbeds, and create valleys inspired the concept of watermarks on paper, where the essence of water becomes a symbolic signature on the medium.

Our newest collection for Spring is presented in a stunning garden design of peonies, dragonflies, and butterflies flying over a pool of reflecting water. Our homage this season is to the importance of water, which allows the sprouts to begin budding through the dark earth, yielding the plant's leaves, fruits, and seeds we chose to include in this year's collection. Intricate patterns incorporate symbols of the season: mushrooms sprout, bunnies hop, and flowers bloom. Each box of haut-chocolat is illustrated to create a true keepsake for years to come. 

The Watermarks Truffle Collection

Twenty-nine limited edition truffles to usher in the magic of springtime. Taste an arrangement of basil, pandan leaves, Piemonte hazelnuts, rose and orange blossom water, raspberries, Sicilian pistachios, violets and grass-fed butter ganache, among many more.

Peanut Butter Bonbon Eggs

Tis the season of chocolate peanut butter eggs! We've combined delicious, natural peanut butter and our proprietary 45% deep milk chocolate and 62% cacao dark chocolate, offering notes of deep toasted cacao, caramelized whole milk, and a touch of tart berry parfums. Each bonbon is filled with creamy peanut butter, infused with pink Himalayan salt, and enrobed in rich chocolate for a velvety smooth finish, then crowned with a crunch of Maldon salt to elevate the beautiful peanut butter parfum.

Raspberry Rabbits

Our delectable rabbits are filled with wild raspberry pâte de fruit and touched with prized Bulgarian rose water. We seek these zingy, wild raspberries for their unique and delicate parfum. These beautiful bunnies are encased in our proprietary 62% cacao dark chocolate, making them the perfect addition to any Easter basket or celebratory party favor.

Crispy Lemon Rabbits 

Hopping to you from Italy, our Crispy Lemon Rabbits are made with fresh lemon zest and I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts, encased in 36% cacao white chocolate. Each yummy bunny is snuggled up inside a limited edition print gift box.

Magical Flop-Eared Chocolate Bunny

Our high-spirited, curious, and playful magical bunny hops to announce the arrival of Easter with a spring in his step. With just a hint of his silly, sweet shyness displayed in his bent ear, our 45% deep milk chocolate bunny is blended with gentle, slightly sweet pink Himalayan sea salt, giving the chocolate a floral finish and a little bit of crunch.


Hazelnut Chocolate Mushrooms 

Our miniature chocolate mushrooms reveal a surprise delicacy: they are filled with sweet, meaty hazelnuts from Piemonte, Italy. These hazelnuts are the finest in the world, and we blend them with 45% deep milk chocolate for a bite that is both creamy and crunchy. Whether adding to an Easter basket or keeping for yourself, this petite indulgence signals the magic of Spring.


Enchanted Mushroom Extraordinaire

Made and decorated by hand, each Mushroom Extraordinaire stands nearly 6 inches tall, weighs 1.25 pounds, and is filled with soft dark chocolate hazelnut and Chaga mushroom ganache—the centerpiece of any fête or Spring celebration.


Whether celebrating Easter, the majesty of the season, or both, we wish you a hopping good time and a Happy Spring!