Vetiver Relaxation Bath

Vetiver is an essential oil made from vetiver grasses native to India. Single experiences with it tend to be rare and exquisite. The oil is grounding for certain and said to calm the nerves, laser the focus and aid nighttime sleep. When added to water with clary sage, your bathwater dip will relax your mind, body and most importantly unlock the door to your inner world. 


2 pounds Epsom salt, medical grade 

35 drops vetiver oil

15 drops clary sage oil 


Run your bath with your desired water temperature. Start to add all of the ingredients and take in a deep inhale. You’re on your way to deep relaxation. The Epsom salts will pull out impurities in your muscles and help them relax. Enjoy your bath for 20 minutes, any longer can your body can start to reabsorb those toxins. Shower yourself off afterwards. Appreciate the relaxed yet grounded feeling of your body and spirit. Write a goal. Punctuate it with a piece of Pure Plant chocolate.