Thank You for Visiting our Chocolate Temple

At Vosges Haut-Chocolat, we harness the power of storytelling to open minds, spirits and palates through chocolate, inspiring us all to interact with the world in a more loving way. We are so grateful to have you on this journey with us and cannot wait for you to experience the World of Vosges.

Chocolate is Magical

Food and Alchemy have been associated with one another since ancient times, exploring the principle of blending the elements and their vibrations with food. When combined at the right time, with the right hands and heart, food can be transformed into something other than sustenance.

Chocolate is Experiential

Exceptional chocolate experiences are the heart and soul of Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Our aim is to create an immersive experience that allows you to look at chocolate, and yourself, in a new way. From chocolate rituals and meditations to guided pairing collections, each box of haut-chocolat is infused with love and intention.

Chocolate is Vosges

Our goal as alchemical, experiential chocolate makers is to balance the mind, body, and spirit, honoring them as a system, with wellness being the optimal outcome. When you are in harmony, physically, psychologically and spiritually, true balance and joy is possible. As joy-bringers and chocolate makers, this is our goal.

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  • Exotic Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

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  • Grande Gift Tower

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  • Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

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  • Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces

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