the love frequency collection

The Love Frequency Collection is an expression of the divine masculine and feminine, bioenergetics, and a series of tones used in Gregorian chants known as Solfeggio frequencies. These are sounds that have powerful healing properties. We brought the 528Hz frequency, known as “the love frequency,” or “miracle tone,” used to transform the heart into our kitchens. As the chocolates cooled, they were infused with this frequency. Love has been crystallized into this chocolate.

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a show of devotion

The love frequency ensemble

A selection of 23 truffles to share with those you adore during this season of love. We’ve chosen ingredients from across the world that reflect the passion of the heart and hands that grew and crafted them and the heritage of the places they come from. Fall in love with parfums of wild strawberries and mascarpone cheese, Kokuto black sugar caramel, Montmorency cherry, and Bronte pistachio paired with our proprietary chocolate.

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a taste of desire

love frequency red energy collection

Red is the seeker, attracting focus and attention. It is a color that conveys seduction and eroticism, passion, and energy. We created this collection to highlight these characteristics and others related to the divine masculine. Experience sixteen truffles that explore these traits translated to chocolate through parfums of wild strawberry, yuzu and mascarpone cheese, Ancho chili, I.G.P. hazelnuts, and Sicilian pistachio.

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an expression of love

love frequency purple energy collection

Purple has always been a symbol of rarity. An expression of individualism and extravagance, purple has long been associated with power, royalty, and femininity. We created this collection to highlight these characteristics and others related to the divine feminine. Indulge in sixteen truffles that explore these traits translated to chocolate using parfums of fresh strawberry, bergamot citrus, grass-fed French butter, royal ube, and mascarpone.

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Can you Taste the Frequency of Love?

A Guided Tasting of 528Hz Infused Chocolate with Katrina Markoff.

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    Love Potion Champagne Truffles

    Light and dark, masculine and feminine. Add champagne and chocolate and you have our Love Potion truffles. This sparkling, celebratory box of chocolate with both dark and white chocolate truffles is the ultimate in luxury. Wonderful on their own or with your favorite bubbly. A marvelous way to toast love, friendship, or both.

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    528 HZ: The Love Tone

    The 528 Hz frequency is known to have a range of benefits, both emotional and physical. We have imbued the chocolates with this frequency by playing the tone as they travel through the cooling tunnels. What a wonder it is that this powerful frequency can be used for physical betterment, spiritual growth, and spiritual healing.

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    Tart Cherry Bomba Hearts

    These little hearts are giants in terms of flavor. Made with Montmorency cherries from Michigan which are rich, tart, and tangy. Their vibrant red skin matches their bright taste, and 62% dark chocolate is the perfect foil for their sassy note of sour, smoothing it over with just enough sweetness for you and your sweetheart.

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