chocolate ritual for peace
Ritual Collection for Peace
Ritual Collection for Peace
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Ritual Collection for Peace
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Ritual Collection for Peace

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Rituals are the bridge to connect mind, body and spirit, creating deeper meaning and alignment with Source Energy. When we radiate with this trinity, through eating chocolate in purpose and intention, the everyday becomes extraordinary. 

Our NEW Peace Chocolate Ritual is designed to give the gift of peace to oneself or others through the medium of chocolate.

Strong rituals created in a sacred space, belief in your intention and eating chocolate with focused energy can heal through the activation of mind, body and spirit. 

And we begin to manifest a life filled with peace.

Our Peace Ritual is housed in our NEW ritual collection gift box and includes our Vegan Truffle collection, Healing Waters bath salts, a Linnea’s Lights votive candle, Palo Santo Gift Bundle, a feather and a guided ritual card.

  • Non GMO
  • Women Owned
  • Renewable Energy
  • 100% Recyclable

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(1) Vegan Truffle Collection, 9 pieces:

(3) Forest Raspberry Rose – 72% dark chocolate + raspberry rose gelée + Bulgarian rose water 

(3) I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnut – 72% dark chocolate + hazelnut + cinnamon sugar

(3) Sicilian Blood Orange – 72% dark chocolate + blood orange gelée + candied orange peel

(1) Healing Waters bath salts charged with Amazonite crystal, 16 oz 

(1) Linnea’s Lights soy votive candle

(1) Palo Santo Gift Bundle: Palo Santo tied with dried flowers

At times crystal bundle may vary in the collection due to availability. 

(1) Feather 

(1) Guided ritual card

Our chocolate ritual boxes are packed with dried moss to create a sustainable packaging solution. When you get these beautiful green plants please place atop the soil on your beloved houseplants.

Our proprietary chocolate is crafted specifically to support the ingredients we infuse with it to achieve a taste experience matching the storytelling. Our 72% cacao dark chocolate is one of our most intense and has a deep roasted vegetation, dried fruit and a touch of tart berry notes. Our 45% cacao deep milk chocolate is a roasted cacao with a dense caramel profile that is achieved through the caramelization of roller dried, whole milk during the conching process.

At the heart of our mission is creating luxury chocolate collections with responsibility to the environment that sustains our earth. We have been sourcing Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance certified cacao for over 15 years. We are powered by 100% renewable energy and abide by a green purchasing of procuring only post-consumer recycled board and biodegradable materials. Our kitchen exclusively uses Organic cream and sugar.

In 2019, my husband was destined to die from sepsis and multi-organ failure. The doctors told me he had a 100% mortality rate. During this time, I realized I could let their negativity overtake emotions or I could dig deep. I had a moment when I came into “the zone”, which for me, is the place to believe the impossible seems undeniably possible. This zone brought me to a deep reconnection with my own intuition and wisdom that lies within. 

I began to have the ability to laugh at the naysayers, as opposed to drinking up the criticism and the belief that everyone knew better than me. I decided I would not absorb that which I didn't believe, fear.

So this carried deep into my work and I created these rituals for myself that could also be shared with others to access their own magic. 

Through stronger rituals and belief in your intention the process of creating a sacred space and eating chocolate with focused energy could heal through activation of mind, body and spirit. These acts done fully translates into the Chocolate Ritual Collections.

There is the divine in each of us.


Healing Waters CBD infused bath salts is made from deep healing medical grade Epsom salt, organic CBD, organic French lavender for deep relaxation, clary sage to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety and the scent of the forest through juniper berries.

Soak in warm water after an intense day of exercise, work or life and let it all flow off you like the rainfall to the earth.


This collection is FRESH and PERISHABLE. Keep this box of haut-chocolat refrigerated until two hours before serving. Consume by listed expiration date, 5 months from shipment.


Contains: Hazelnuts, Wheat

Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.


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