Day 10: Gingerbread Brittle

Day 10: Gingerbread Brittle 

Gingerbread spice + caramelized Kokuto black sugar + speculoos cookies + 62% cacao dark chocolate.

There is nothing quite like gingerbread in its many forms, from edible houses to dancing gingerbread people. Ginger root was first found wild in the forests of ancient China, where it was commonly used in traditional medicine. From there it spread to Europe via the Silk Road with the first known recipe for gingerbread coming from Greece in 2400 BC. This pale silvery green to ivory brown rhizome has an unforgettably zesty, citrusy fragrance, an herbal sweetness, and a piquant bite.

For today's delight, this alluring ancient spice is married with Black Kokuto sugar, grass-fed butter, ginger oil, Saigon cinnamon and nutmeg cooked in copper kettles and made into a crispy, crunchy and buttery brittle tossed in speculoos cookies making it as rich as the history it tells. 

Of course, our Gingerbread Brittle is delicious on its own (so much so that we've received a few reviews stating that it's difficult not to consume an entire box in one sitting). Still, when paired with a steaming cup of coffee or tart loose-leaf tea, the nuanced flavors in each bite will stand out even further, rising to the surface of your palate.

For those who can't get enough, our Gingerbread Brittle is also available in 1/3 lb. boxes and 1/4 lb. bags.