Day 2: The History of Bapchi's Toffee

Day 2: Bapchi's Caramel Toffee

Named after Katrina’s grandmother who taught her to cook, this caramelized sugar toffee is enrobed in 45% cacao milk chocolate and garnished with toasted walnuts and pecans.

To create this fan-favorite, we start with a large copper kettle. Inside, sugar forms mountains of glistening crystals. The paddle turns and the sand-colored delicacy slowly liquifies into an amber glaze. The thinnest line of smoke begins to rise just before butter and cream stream into the kettle and the color deepens, leaving a faint burnt flavor that complements the sweet caramel profile. For the purists, he buttery toffee is then touched with pink Himalayan salt, enrobed in deep milk chocolate and sprinkled with organic, roasted walnuts and pecans.

The pecans themselves have a story all their own. In the sun-drenched fields of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Sally Harper nurtures pecan trees with unwavering devotion, each one absorbing the vitality of the land. A paragon of organic farming, Sally's methods breathe life into the soil, allowing the pecans to flourish with an unparalleled depth of flavor.

Each harvest reveals nuts that are not just produce, but a testament to nature's potential when tended with care and knowledge. These pecans stand as a superior source ingredient, their story intertwined with the gospel of sustainable cultivation that Sally champions every day.

A Timeless Holiday Treasure or Sumptuous Treat Any Time of Year.