3 Chocolate Gifts to Celebrate Capricorn Season

And now we welcome the month of the Capricorn. Born just as the year turns new they are perhaps the most ambitious of your tribe. Their can-do attitude is just the thing that makes them wonderful to have around when facing your New Year’s resolutions, for you can be sure they have some goals of their own (probably in a highly organized spreadsheet,) and that they will have everything on their list accomplished when the clock strikes midnight next year.

Though it may seem like everything comes easily to them, behind the scenes, Capricorns are hustlers. These worker bees put time and care into all that they do, so while they personify breezy, they are actually persistence incarnate!

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Big mountains and challenges? Not a problem! Capricorns are determined to the core. When others throw their hands up, Capricorn just keeps going. They have ambition for miles and miles when it comes to career and success and it’s a good thing because they love the finer things in life.

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The Capricorns’ ambitions don’t mean that they need to be in the spotlight or out in front. They make great collaborators and partners. Remember that kid who did a lot of the work in group projects? They might have been a Capricorn! The adult version will be very gracious and appreciative if you show effort in partnerships and in return you will find them very loyal and supportive.

Capricorns also crave security and stability, so you might not find them rocking the boat, but you will appreciate their ability to always find calm waters and smooth sailing. This practicality is never boring, just another attribute that comes in handy in their creation of no-drama zones!

And while they are strong and steady, and will impart this on you, make sure to be mindful of their sensitive nature, never taking for granted their mushy hearts.

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Patient and grounded, tender and driven, talented and focused, the Capricorn is one of the fiercest of the Earth signs and having one in your life is a true gift, which makes perfect sense since they arrive perfectly on time to celebrate the holiday season!