A Chocolate Bathing Ritual for Peace and Deep Serenity


Immerse yourself in therapeutic bliss with a Chocolate Bathing Ritual for Peace & Deep Serenity!

Close your eyes and inhale. Ground and center yourself. Release any worries in your mind by collecting them in your hands and discarding them to your sides.

Smudge your bathroom with your Palo Santo wood, wafting the smoke into every corner.

Draw a warm bath, filling it half way and adding in one cup of our Healing Waters bath soak or Forest Slumber Bath Soak. Set the mood by lighting candles and placing your cherished crystals around the bath. Soak for 25 minutes and then rinse with warm water. While you are still wet, run a block of cocoa butter over your skin and airdry to allow the fantastic butter to envelop you. 

Next, infuse your state of peace with an intention and choose your chocolate. Are you on the path to dreamland or a feeling more serene? Come to a comfortable seat, visualize and say to yourself, “to the divine energy of peace, guidance and abundance, I thank you for the blessings as I move forward in this light.”

Place the chocolate in your dominant hand and breathe seven times, deeply. Say out loud, “I am at peace, I am in peace, I am peace.” Close your eyes and visualize this. As you rest in your place of peace, eat your chocolate, noticing all the sensory cues: how it sounds, feels, smells, looks and tastes. Know in your heart and soul that peace guides you. 

CBD Bath


Our Healing Waters bath soak from the Peace Ritual Collection is made from deep healing medical grade epsom salt, organic CBD, organic French lavender for deep relaxation, clary sage to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and the scent of the forest through juniper berries. 

Forest Slumber bathing salts from our Dream Ritual Collection are handcrafted with a symphony of all-natural essential oils like cypress pine and atlas cedarwood, clary sage, and a spice of ginger, creating a forest-infused oasis in your bathtub. This luxurious blend is further enhanced with the antioxidant-rich power of Vitamin C and the restorative benefits of magnesium flakes, promoting detoxification and relaxation. 

Follow Katrina's steps here to create your own bath! Watch Video.