A Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s the time of year that we pause to celebrate the men in our lives. Are you looking for a Father’s Day chocolate gift for your favorite dapper dad, grill expert grandfather, outdoorsy brothers, dear husband, favorite uncles or cherished mentors? We have created the perfect Father's Day gift guide to help you to choose the perfect gift. Chocolate is always the perfect gift for showing some love to dear old dad or any other father figure in your life. From dark chocolate bars to peanut butter bonbons and everything in between, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy dad’s sweet tooth this Father’s Day. 

For Toasting Dad

Sometimes the perfect cocktail is just the thing for a perfect Father’s Day gift. This year we’ve combined the two and crafted a limited edition truffle that incorporates Templeton Rye.  

Whiskey Run Collection

Throughout the prohibition era, Rye brewed in Templeton, Iowa, was flowing in the Midwest. The elusive speakeasies found throughout Chicago were watering holes frequented by scofflaws seeking this spirit made by many of the Templeton farmers looking to supplement the income they made for working the land by distilling its bounty. Favored for its notes of grass, butterscotch and vanilla, we’ve taken the parfums of Templeton Rye and blended them with wild Musa Thai banana to magnify the flavors of both.

Try this collection of 9 truffles with other cocktails as a pairing experience. We love this one.

For Getting Outdoors with Dad

Nothing says summer like packing up the car with camping gear for a long weekend with pops. Whether you want to take him fishing, kayaking, hiking or just somewhere he can tell a good ghost story by a roaring fire, the treat of all treats, S’mores is an absolute must. This Father’s Day, we have a great gift to add a gourmet twist to these sweet sandwiches. 

Campfire S’mores Collection

Keep your campfire tradition alive this summer with our limited edition Campfire S’mores collection. It’s a chocolatey and gooey upgrade from the traditional S’mores we know and love. Toast our house-made vanilla marshmallows and squish them between a Jules Destrooper butter crisp or Speculoos cookie and chocolate. Take a bite and never worry about the mess.

Want to amp up your S’mores more? Add our deliciously rich Peanut Butter Bonbons!

Peanut Butter Bonbons

We’ve combined a delicious, natural peanut butter from a superior sourced maker and our proprietary 45% dark milk chocolate, which has notes of deep toasted cacao, caramelized whole milk and a touch of tart berry parfums. Each bonbon is filled with creamy peanut butter, infused with pink Himalayan salt and enrobed in rich chocolate for a velvety smooth finish, topped with a crunch of Maldon salt to bring out the beautiful peanut butter parfum. Between two graham crackers and a marshmallow, these will make the S’more of your dreams.

If you’d like to see the unboxing of our Campfire S’mores Collection and see Katrina’s favorite way to make S’mores, click here and here.

For Grilling with Dad

Steak and pork chops make for an excellent BBQ, but don’t forget the Bacon! Our beloved Bacon and Chocolate Exotic Bars are legendary and make a savory and sweet addition to any meat-loving dad’s gift. 

Bacon & Chocolate Bars 

The origin of these bars is Katrina’s childhood memory of her mother making waffles and the taste of sweet maple sugar combining with the savory, salty, bacon on her plate. Made with fruitwood smoked, uncured bacon from a beloved sustainable family farm in New Hampshire, the bars are available in both dark and deep milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkling of Alderwood smoked salt.

For a Father’s Day Trip to Italy

It may be hard to imagine being able to take a transcontinental trip anytime soon, but you can take your dad on an adventure in Italy without ever leaving home. Travel the world (or at least Italy) through chocolate this Father’s Day.

Collezione Italiana 

A culinary exploration of Italy through chocolate, Katrina has sourced her favorite parfums of Italy for this collection: Tuscan olive oil, Sicilian salt, fennel pollen, pine nuts, Taleggio cheese and balsamic vinegar, then blended them with chocolate to express the unique tastes of Italy's finest ingredients.  

To experience another luscious Italian delicacy with chocolate, try Katrina’s recipe for Risotto a la Cioccolato I Mieli, here.

For the Dad Who Has Everything

What do you get for the guy in your life that has everything? You know the one, the tech savvy dad. He has the latest iPhone, iPad, the best headphones and watch. You need to give him a unique Father’s Day gift that will knock his fancy socks off. Enter the Vosges Bombalinas, a chocolate as unique in shape and flavor as your dad is hip.

Las Bombalinas Collection

Our latest obsession layers unthinkably indulgent decadence. Thick and creamy proprietary 62% cacao ganache is combined with our best-in-class I.G.P Piemonte Hazelnuts and Reishi mushroom. Underneath, discover a layer of creamy Dulce de Leche studded with crunchy cacao nibs and topped with 23-karat gold. 

Online chocolate delivery has never been easier with our virtual gift cards. A virtual gift card, will give him an opportunity to browse and pick out exactly what he wants!

So, here’s our wish for all the dads to have a very Happy Father’s Day! We hope that this gift guide for dad leads you to a unique Father’s Day gift and that you and yours celebrate their special day with love, the grill and chocolate.