An Extraordinary Pairing: How to Serve the Enchanted Mushroom Extraordinaire

Enchanted Chocolate Mushroom Extraordinaire from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Standing nearly 6 inches tall and weighing 1.25 pounds, the chocolate Mushroom Extraordinaire is made and decorated by hand. Hidden by the shade of the cacao trees, deep within the rain forest, they are only visible to the human eye for three minutes at the first light of dawn, so the hunt must be carefully planned. 

Should you find yourself in possession of this precious prize, a helpful side will cure your mind and the other will cure your body. With a nibble of the first side of the Mushroom Extraordinaire or as some say, amanita muscaria, you will feel your blood begin to flow with a powerful boost of antioxidant immunity. The opposite side will yield increased wisdom and happiness. Legend has it that should you eat an entire mushroom under the light of a full Alder Moon in April, immortality will be yours - but be careful what you wish for...

How to Serve the Enchanted Mushroom Extraordinaire 

Slice the Mushroom Extraordinaire down the center with a knife warmed under hot water and dried. Be sure to include all elements in each slice as you serve your guests: a thin layer of the white chocolate shell and the rich, hazelnut praline-chanterelle mushroom interior. 

Pair the Mushroom with spirits, wine, or cheese to add some extra fun to your fête.

Libations and Small Delights We Love

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog goat's milk cheese
Zamorano, aged sheep's milk cheese from Spain
M. Chapoutier Banyuls dessert wine
Piper Heidsieck Brut Rosé Champagne  

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