Forest Rose Raspberry Rabbits + Koval Cranberry Guava Cocktail

Forest Raspberry Rabbits paired perfectly with a Koval Gin cocktail

History calls the Greek goddess Artemis the protector of young rabbits and hares. Legend says she would not tolerate any harm to newborn creatures, so they were left in her care. As goddess of the hunt and all things wild, Artemis fostered balance within the cycles of life. She embraced death and rebirth as they are- as natural as the blossoming of Spring. 

Our delectable limited edition Forest Rose Raspberry Rabbits are filled with a wild raspberry pâte de fruit, touched with prized Bulgarian rose water. We seek these zingy, wild raspberries for their unique and delicate parfum. These beautiful bunnies are captured within an encasement of our proprietary 62% cacao dark chocolate. We raise a glass to New Beginnings, Artemis and her rabbit companions.


10 ml lemon juice
1 1/2 jiggers Koval cranberry gin
150 ml guava juice


Combine all ingredients and stir.