How Long Does Chocolate Last?

How Long Does Chocolate Last?

If you are a true chocolate lover, you may be wondering, “How long does chocolate last?” The easy answer to this question is: as long as it takes you to eat it, which if it’s Vosges means not too long!

But in all seriousness, can chocolate go bad? If you find yourself with chocolate that you are looking to store safely until you eat it, here are some things to know to make sure that it tastes as fresh as it did when it was made at our Chocolate Temple in Chicago. In this guide, you’ll learn how to tell if chocolate is bad along with our top tips on how to properly store it.

Does Chocolate Go Bad?

At Vosges Haut-Chocolat, our truffles are made using the freshest, most natural ingredients free of any preservatives. Because our chocolate is made of the highest quality, you are going to want to eat them quickly so they still maintain their proper taste and texture. There is nothing worse than expired chocolate when you are craving a bonbon. In order to properly satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid any expired chocolate mishaps, follow our top tips on bonbon candy.

A product’s shelf life refers to the length of time the chocolate will remain fresh after you receive it. Since our ganache centers are made with fresh cream, the shelf life of most of our truffles is 14 days. Our Rooster truffle, which has Taleggio cheese in the ganache, can last up to 10 days. If you haven’t tried the Rooster truffle, this may seem like a short amount of time. If you have, you’ll know that there is no chance that you won’t eat all of these tasty truffles in a single sitting. And a little FYI, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate all have the same shelf life, so no matter the luxury truffle collection you choose, you’ll have the same amount of time to enjoy eating them!

How to Care for Fresh Cream Truffles Once They Arrive

We seal every box of truffles, creating an airtight container, which protects the chocolate and keeps the flavors optimal. When you’re ready to eat your truffles, let them come to room temperature and then break the seal. Should you not consume the whole box in a single sitting, place any remaining truffles in the fridge wrapped in a new layer of plastic wrap or in a cool, dry, place. Optimally in a place where the temperature doesn’t go above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. We also suggest putting them in an airtight container to maintain the freshness of the cocoa.

Collezione Italiana

Let Vosges’ Collezione Italiana take you on a culinary exploration of Italy through chocolate truffles. Katrina has sourced her favorite parfums of Italy: Tuscan olive oil, Sicilian salt, fennel pollen, pine nuts, Taleggio cheese and balsamic vinegar, then blended them with fine Italian chocolate to express the unique tastes of Italy's high-quality ingredients.

Stocking Up or Saving Your Truffles for a Special Occasion

Ever wondered if you can store chocolate in the freezer? If so, you’re in luck! If you’d like to save your truffles for a future date, they can be frozen in the freezer for up to three months. Make sure to store them in the secure wrap that they arrive in. They don’t require a freezer bag if you keep them in their original wrapping. When you’re ready to eat them, try to be patient while they thaw for approximately 3 hours. It will be worth the wait to fully taste the parfums as they were meant to be, we promise!

Best Selling Truffles

Take a culinary trip through the medium of chocolate. Crafted with the finest ingredients from around the world, our exotic truffle parfums help open our minds to new possibilities and experiences. We’ve curated a list of fan-favorite and signature truffle parfums so we can Travel the World through Chocolate™ together from home.

What in the Heck is Blooming and Can I Still Eat This Chocolate Bar?

Occasionally you might open a box of chocolate or candy bar and see a chalky, white, film on it. No cause for alarm, this isn’t an issue of expired chocolate, this is quite common and is the cocoa butter or fat rising to the surface of the chocolate. With chocolate being exposed to several temperatures as it travels from us to you, the tempered chocolate sometimes fluctuates in temperature and the cocoa butter may separate and cause the “dusty” appearance you’re seeing. Thankfully, this is a cosmetic issue rather than one of safety. While it may not look quite as beautiful as when we sent it out the door, it will still be delicious.

Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

From Superfood to Comfort Food, the Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library offers snackable sizes of our most must-have Chocolate Bars. The Library includes a selection of both Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Bars packaged in a keepsake mini library box. 

Whether you are eating a bonbon with ganache, Belgian Chocolate, or chocolate chip bits, all premium chocolate truffles should be eaten shortly after it has been made. Remember, if you have eaten a few chocolate truffles and want to save the rest for later, make sure to put them in the fridge in an airtight container.

We take the utmost care to make each piece of chocolate we make. It means that our chocolate takes a little bit of TLC on your end, too, but we think you’ll agree that every perfect bite makes it worth it.