How to Cleanse Your Energy

Just as we physically cleanse ourselves, our physical homes, and even the inside of our bag or car from time to time, we need to put the same efforts into cleansing the energy of those things. 

To have our bodies and our environments serve us well requires tending to, and there are many simple ways to do this that aid every aspect of our lives. Here's how to get rid of bad vibes and expel bad energy.

Start with Smudging

Use our beautiful Palo Santo set or Sage Bundle to cleanse your home, office, or any space that you spend time in that needs its energy detoxified. Take your time, carrying the wood or bundle over a favorite or sentimental dish or shell and slowly wander the spaces bringing the smoke through them with purpose.

Take a Bath

Luxuriating in a bath filled with very hot water and your favorite bath salts soaks away stress and toxins. The salts will remove lactic acid from blocked areas in your body and relieve sore muscles. As you rest in the tub and your worries and chatter float away, set your intentions for after the bath.

Visualize Light

Be still and imagine a bubble of golden light around you. Imagine it coming up from the ground into your toes and slowly working its way up your body. Fill yourself with the light and feel the weight fall off of each part of the body as this light passes through it.

Incorporate Essential Oils into your Routine

Science still doesn’t fully understand smell, but it does recognize its importance. We associate smells with powerful memories, and choosing essential oils is as simple as using your intuition to bring scents that attune you to these memories or that you fancy!

May we suggest Bergamot for brightening your mood, Peppermint for refreshing your vibe, Lavender for Calming or Eucalyptus for bringing some pep back in your step.

Breathe In and Breathe Out

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a few minutes to expand your lungs and improve oxygen flow. When we inhale, oxygen helps your body to absorb vitamins, nutrients and minerals more efficiently. When we exhale, we detoxify the body and relax the mind.

Burning Sage

Burning sage is a tried-and-true method that has been practiced since prehistoric times. That's because it can clear bacteria floating in the air. Sage smoke also releases negative ions, thereby clearing bad energy. So light your own sage bundle and start expelling negative energy and stagnant energy.

Turn to Feng Shui

You might not know that there are pockets of negative energy in your home. Follow some of the principles of Feng Shui to make your home a haven of positive energy.

Eat Chocolate!

Taste and smell are powerful tools for becoming present and refocusing our energy. While we offer many collections specifically focused on wellness, all of our luxury chocolates can be incorporated into energy practices. 

Pure Plant Chocolate Bars

Crafted with adaptogens and superior source ingredients, our chocolate bars can all be used as a tool for focusing yourself and cleansing your energy.

Of our Pure Plant Collection, Katrina says, “This is the ultimate alchemy; the place where science meets the mystical and spiritual realms. By combining science and nutritional value with emotional and visceral value, I have come back full circle to my education in chemistry, psychology and my love for cooking. By combining this knowledge of my past with my current studies in alchemy, I created chocolates that are about bringing people closer to their own essence. I really wanted to make something that had a soul, deep meaning and a reason for being. My hope is that these chocolates create a true transformative experience."

After a thorough cleanse, you can use your energy field in useful ways, such as on energy healing exercises and positive energy (you can even find crystals for positive energy).

No matter how you cleanse your energy, the time you spend reveling in the electromagnetic field’s gifts will be returned to you and bring peace and joy into your life. 

With effort and care, the restoration and rejuvenation of your energy cleansing will serve you and all those who surround you.