How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

Women of the world unite! We must tap into all that is divine and the powerful energy within us. The time is now to bring feminine energy to the surface in abundance and revel in its return.

This means a conscious decision to step into destiny, with intuition coursing through our bodies and souls, embracing all that makes us women the magical creatures that we are (if we do say so ourselves). That is what it takes to embody divine feminine energy.

Now is the time to embrace your feminine side. To awaken your sacred feminine energy and inner goddess, it is imperative to make time for rituals and engagements. Rituals that energize you, allow for rest, enliven your curious nature and bring you utter joy.

For each, we have selected luxury chocolates that will enhance the experience, allowing you to be more present in the sweet solace or spark.

Plant yourself.

To truly top into your feminine power, plant your feet in the ground below. Feel the earth between your toes. Stand firm gripping the soil beneath you. What does it feel like? What is the texture of the ground that you find yourself on? Is it clumps of clay, concrete, warmed sand, wispy grass? Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose, taking in the smells around you. Do you smell the dirt, the trees, the water, the heat? Open your eyes and admire the colors that Mother Nature bestows. Colors of the earth and ochres, the grey or blue of the sky, the green grass, the blooms of flowers. Open your ears to the sounds around you. Listen to the birds, the trees rustling, your own breathing and the sounds of silence. Now taste.

 The Vegan Chocolate Truffle Collection by Vosges

Vegan Truffle Collection

We blended a treasured early harvest olive oil with our proprietary 72% dark chocolate and added luscious pockets of fruit and nuts. Having minimal amount of sugars present in the chocolate and the fruits to sweeten them, these Vegan truffles are low in sweetness and sumptuously rich without any dairy. The collection offers three parfums: Forest Raspberry Rose, I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnut and Sicilian Blood Orange. 


Stretch. Bend. Have a 30-second dance party. Run a mile, walk ten, do a plank in honor of RBG. Ride a bike, climb a wall or a mountain. Swim in the ocean, in the neighborhood pool, pretend you know how to synchronize swim. Whatever you choose, your body will respond and meet the challenge. Tap into the flow of your body, the physical manifestation of your personal power.


Bastet A Sacred Hi Vibe Chocolate Collection

A collection worthy of gifting your supreme beloved. Inspired by Bastet, the fiery protector of women, children and family, this heart-shaped box is filled with our extraordinary limited edition chocolate collection inspired by Ancient Egypt. The goddess of women's secrets, fertility, music and health, Bastet is celebrated with chocolates made to revel in the above and the below.

Reflect & Recharge.

The blank page is a gift. It is a canvas that longs for your words, marks and thoughts. Grab a favorite pen, some colored pencils, make a collage by cutting out words from a magazine, or choose some chalk (the sidewalk makes a great whiteboard).

Make a list of your strengths, put words to your wildest dreams, draw a picture of a place you long for or wish to explore, and let your mind wander and meander as you do. Allow the unconscious to flow through your hands onto the paper and see what it has to tell you.

 The Chocolate Meditation Collection by Vosges

Chocolate Meditation Collection

Our Chocolate Meditation experience is a collection of exotic truffles specifically chosen for their alchemical properties. Each truffle is paired with a corresponding crystal and a deck of affirmation cards. 

This collection is an indulgent way to tap into your intuition. Whether you are searching the spiritual realm or practical day-to-day matters, this deck can assist. As you close your eyes and shuffle the deck, tap into your intuition, thinking carefully about the area in your life where you'd like more clarity. Then select your card. The card will provide an intention, paired with which chocolate to eat, and the crystal to hold as an aid for achieving your intention. Meditate using this collection daily for 40 days to encourage your manifestation!  This is a meaningful experience to practice alone or with a group of friends.


Spend time with like-minded people. Share stories, take a class together, brunch, lunch, picnic and play. Our collective feminine energy is always greater than the power of one. We can all do great things alone, but kinship and collaboration make all good things even more divine.

 The Chocolate Ritual Collection for New Beginnings by Vosges

Ritual Collection for New Beginnings

Rituals are the bridge to connect mind, body and spirit, creating deeper meaning and alignment with Source Energy. When we radiate with this trinity, through eating chocolate with purpose and intention, the everyday becomes extraordinary. Our Beginnings Chocolate Ritual is designed to give the gift of a fresh start to oneself or others through the medium of chocolate. Whether it be a new job, new house or life after a break-up, this ritual box is meant to manifest your intentions for a new, positive and prosperous beginning.

The good thing about our chocolates is you can use any of them as a unique housewarming gift. Aside from chocolate, other tools to tap into your feminine energy include using crystals for positive energy, which you can also use for female energy healing exercises.  May your presence in each of these moments, bring you the life-force energy that is the divine feminine.