Inside the Watermarks Truffle Collection

Inside the Watermarks Truffle Collection

A Spring garden unfurls new growth around us and inside us. Woven in the loom of the dark earth, the seeds of life lie dormant until warmer air arrives and water is freed from beneath. These arising conditions present so that life begins again. The presence of water leaves its mark on all who inhabit the earth. The dynamic forces that bring new plant life and wildlife, shape riverbeds, and create valleys inspired the concept of watermarks on paper, where the essence of water becomes a symbolic signature on the medium.

Like paper marked with hidden secrets, so are the chocolates that hold the ganache and fruits inside their chocolate shells. 

Our newest collection for Spring is presented in a stunning garden design of peonies, dragonflies, and butterflies flying over a pool of reflecting water. Our homage this season is to the importance of water, which allows the sprouts to begin budding through the dark earth and yield the plant's leaves, fruits, and seeds we chose to include in this year's collection. Taste an arrangement of basil, pandan leaves, Piemonte hazelnuts, rose and orange blossom water, raspberries, Sicilian pistachios, violets, and grass-fed butter ganache, among many more.    

Bon Appetit!


A Guided Tasting of Chocolate

Indulge in a guided tasting to connect with the chocolate through the body and the senses. Our chocolates are infused with a love sound frequency, 528 Hz, which is the same frequency as the sistrum, a musical instrument from Egypt used for ceremony and healing.

Breathe - Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Prepare your palate to experience chocolate.

See - Describe what you see. What is the chocolate's shape, color, sheen, and texture?

Smell - Bring the chocolate to your nose. Close your eyes. Cup your hand around the chocolate and inhale deeply.

Touch - Run your finger against the chocolate, noticing its texture and releasing the aromatics.

Taste—Enjoy your chocolate in two bites. In the first bite, you are just getting to know the truffle, and in the second, you delve deeper, searching out the aromas and nuances. You become immersed in the chocolate experience and sensations. After you've eaten the truffle, take a breath and taste the air. The aroma should have a long, lingering finish layered with perfumed notes.


Bombe Noisette 
I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + Italian chestnut + buckwheat tea + Reishi mushroom + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + Sicilian pistachio

In the picturesque and gastronomy-rich culture, the Langhe region of Italy is nestled within the UNESCO-protected landscape. Here, the I.G.P. Piemonte Nocciole hazelnuts reign supreme and are the finest in the world. These precious gems grow on rows and rows of meticulously planted trees that are carefully tended from the field to roasting, contributing an unparalleled aroma and intense perfume that separates them from hazelnuts grown outside the region. To transform them for our chocolate, we blend them into a fine paste with our proprietary 45% chocolate infused with Reishi mushroom, Japanese buckwheat tea, and chestnut. We encase this in a dome made from our 45% cacao deep chocolate and sprinkled with Sicilian pistachio. The result is a symphony of flavors that reflects the passion and commitment it takes to grow these exceptional hazelnuts. 

Bombe Vert
pineapple + Sri Lankan coconut + mandarin + pecan +36% cacao white chocolate + basil

This new green bombe is a textural wonder, a dessert on its own. The mint and anise tones of basil give the Bombe Vert herbaceous dimension and its beautiful color. Behind the shell resides the sweet, buttery richness of 36% cacao white chocolate, mandarin, Sri Lankan coconut, pecans, and tropical pineapple. The multi-textured vibrancy and dense ganache are a perfect bite to share for two. When cutting the bombes, use a knife whose blade has been warmed by hot water then dried. An excellent pairing for a crisp Champagne!

Mirabelle plum + 72% cacao dark chocolate + purple floret

Believed to have originated in the Lorraine region of France and revered in European culinary traditions, the Mirabelle plum is a small, golden plum renowned for its honey-like taste, sweet aroma, and firm flesh. Having received an A.O.C. designation, these plums are cultivated with specific growing conditions and harvested in late summer when the sun starts to set earlier, making them more precious. To these beauties, we add orange blossom water and our 72% cacao dark chocolate, which boasts a robust, bittersweet flavor. Its profile often includes subtle fruity undertones, contributing to a harmonious balance of richness, sweetness, and depth.

I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + crispies + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

This classic truffle is a marriage of 45% cacao deep milk chocolate and hazelnuts, originating in Piemonte, Italy, in the 19th century. To create our truffle, we proudly use the Ceretto family-farmed I.G.P.-certified hazelnuts from Langhe in the Piemonte region. We combed the world for the perfect hazelnut; now that we have them, they are treated like gold! To be classified as a prestigious Nocciola Piemonte, each geographically protected Corylus tree must meet a finite microbiological specification to produce nuts worthy of the title and certification. The nuts' persistent aroma and intense perfume are unlike any other hazelnut in the world and scent the air of this beautiful Italian landscape.

Vanille Tahiti
Tahitian vanilla + 62% cacao dark chocolate + crystallized violet

In the lush landscapes of Tahiti, a remarkable vanilla flourish lies under the tropical sun. The floral and fruity notes of this vanilla, harvested from orchids, are cultivated in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, contributing to these beans' aromatic complexity and status as a true luxury. We celebrate this Tahitian vanilla's fruity undertones, subtle spice, and nutty nuances by blending it into our 62% dark chocolate and garnishing each with crushed sugared violets.

pandan leaf + 62% cacao dark chocolate + white poppy seeds + ceremonial matcha

In the heart of Southeast Asia, the pandan plant, with its slender green leaves and sweet fragrance, has been an integral part of culinary traditions for centuries. With a flavor profile of vanilla, almond, and coconut, pandan leaves are woven into the Thai tapestry of sweet and savory dishes. Beyond its culinary significance, pandan is a cultural symbol, calling in luck during traditional ceremonies in the diverse regions it calls home. While Pandan is the star of this truffle, we've crowned this jewel with a blend of ceremonial matcha and white poppy seeds. 

Banane au Rhum
Thai banana + Appleton rum + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + dragon fruit

Thai bananas have a sweet, creamy taste with a hint of tanginess. Their dense, custard-like texture makes them a delectable indulgence. We pureed these bananas and added Jamaican Appleton rum, which offers island notes of tropical fruit, warm spices, and oak. Our proprietary 45% cacao deep milk chocolate provides the perfect foundation to elevate these two unique parfums. Serve aside a rum and milk tea.

early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil + raspberry rose gelée + Bulgarian rose water + 72% cacao dark chocolate + cold dried raspberry

We've blended early-harvest olive oil with proprietary 72% cacao dark chocolate and luscious pockets of Bulgarian rose water infused with raspberry rose geleé. This highest-quality rose water comes from the Valley of Roses, where it has been distilled since the 17th century. Its exceptional healing properties are matched by its extraordinary parfums of cherry, pomegranate, and raspberry. This delicate water is combined with the floral and woody undertones of the raspberry geleé. A gorgeous bite aside your favorite fruity, rich red wine.

Buerre Noisette
Kerrygold butter + 72% cacao dark chocolate + Matiz-flor de Sal salt

Ireland's pastoral tapestry and dewy weather make for ideal conditions to keep the expansive pastures lush and ripe for grass-fed dairy. In the Western and Southern strands, the cows reign and roam the open pastures of West Cork, Kerry, and Waterford, nourished by the earth's ever-moist bounty of verdant grasses. This ideal lifestyle condition for the cows makes happier and healthier animals able to roam the magical land of Ireland for the majority of the year. This grazing on natural grasses is essential in producing the rich, creamy taste of Kerrygold butter. In this particular truffle, we caramelize the butter under a high fire to develop a rich, nutty noisette aroma and blend it with our proprietary 72% dark chocolate and 39% butter fat organic cream, creating an unctuous and indulgent ganache.

Taste the magic of Spring and the grand tapestry of nature within the Watermarks Spring Truffle Collection