Luxury Chocolates: A Unique Housewarming Gift

Forget giving a scented candle. While there's nothing wrong with giving a practical housewarming gift, it's better to give a personalized housewarming gift.

Need some unique gift ideas for a housewarming party? Bring a bit of luxury!

Your new neighbors, friends with new digs and family with a new house to make traditions in will be thrilled for you to walk through their door with luxury chocolates to create the first sweet memories in their new spaces and places. Luxury chocolates would also be a good party favor for adults. An added benefit is that they can experience raw cacao benefits, which is one of the foods that is good for your brain.

You want to give a thoughtful housewarming gift. Be gone bottle of wine, new home candle or house plant, these treats are a unique way to say welcome home when paying a visit. Here are unique housewarming gifts that you can give to people moving to a new house or a new place:

For Your Boho Friends

Do you have a boho friend, family member, or loved one? Start their domestic bliss off properly by giving them the tools to cleanse their new space. Some unique gift sets include crystals, scents, etc.



Shining Light Palo Santo Gift Set, Turkey Pointer Wrapped in Deerskin

Here's a unique personalized gift idea: Safflower, local statice, golden cone brush, natural agate, and ethically sourced palo santo are wrapped in vintage ribbon. Palo Santo means “holy wood,” best known for its ability to add positivity to your space, whereas sage removes negativity. It's best to think of it as sage CLEARS out the bad and palo santo BRINGS back the good. Made exclusively by Catherine Rising, each gift set is ethically sourced. Our hand-wrapped turkey feather pointer is used to fan the sage or palo santo when cleansing surroundings.

For the First Dinner Party in a New Space

A small, but gorgeous housewarming present, that tastes delicious to boot is a lovely gesture to make when attending the first celebratory meal in a new home. Your Mama would be proud of you for being a gracious guest! And if that's not enough, you can also gift a classy wine glass set.

Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library Gift Set by Vosges

Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

From Superfood to Comfort Food, the Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library offers snackable sizes of our most must-have Chocolate Bars. The Library includes a selection of both Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars packaged in a keepsake mini- library box. On occasion, we may make assortment substitutions to ensure the freshest possible chocolate bars.

For a Family Meal

Another great housewarming gift is cooking them a proper home-cooked meal. Bring the comforts of home to a new home and reminisce about the good old days. Bring the sweet into “Home Sweet Home.”
Petite Chocolate Gift Tower by Vosges

Petite Gift Tower

A great gift or personal treat, this indulgent gift tower boasts nostalgic caramel toffee and exotic caramels with indulgent fresh cream truffles, all tied together with our signature purple ribbon.

For a Big Soiree

Take the pressure off the host or hostess by bringing the dessert table to the first party at their new digs. It will delight all guests and make you the hero or heroine!
32 Piece Exotic Chocolate Truffle Collection by Vosges

32 Piece Exotic Truffle Collection

One of our most lavish gifts offer to assuage every chocolate desire. The 32 Piece Exotic Truffle Collection is an elegant way to quench cravings and experience our very best. This signature collection is inspired by Katrina’s travels around the world. Our proprietary blend of chocolate mixed with a variety of exotic spices, herbs, roots and botanicals create a new favorite flavor for everyone at the soiree. 

For Your New Neighbor

You can certainly bring them a cup of sugar, but make your mark as the world’s best neighbor by bringing them our chocolate chips for snacking or baking.


72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips

These aren’t your ordinary chocolate chips! We’ve scoured the globe, sourcing the finest ingredients to make your next bake delicious and high vibe. Our 72% cacao dark chocolate chips will take your puddings and pots de crème, cookies and cakes, brownies and barks from delectable to the divine. 72% cacao dark chocolate blossoms a silky mouthfeel revealing robust and deep chocolaty roasted notes. Aromatics of earthy vegetal and forest berry round the palate for a clean emanating finish.

There are plenty of uncommon goods that you can use as housewarming gifts. But how do you know which is the perfect housewarming gift? Ultimately, the best housewarming gifts are whatever the new homeowner would need or want in the home. And don’t forget yourself! Bring the luxury of chocolate into your new home, too. May all your days there be joyous and full of sweet memories.