Luxury Party Favor Ideas for Adults

Winter is a perfect time to invite just a few of your sweetest to join you for a small soiree and to gift them with a little bit of luxury. While a personalized, handwritten invitation, a signature cocktail, and a shared chocolate experience are all sure to make an impression on your party guests, what about your lasting impression? This is where the party favor makes its grand entrance. 

Whether a birthday, bridal shower or bachelorette party, we love the idea of upping the ante on the extravagance of your favors the next time you play hostess or host. And should you have nothing in particular that requires a gathering, having a fete to gift something to someone just because you want to make them feel special, well there is nothing quite as opulent as that.  

Here are some of our favorite unique and DIY party favor ideas for adults to make sure the celebrations continue long after the festivities have ended. We’ve paired each with our chocolates, as another sweet parting gift to remind your guests of your time together.

For a Milestone Birthday:

Having a lot of candles on your cake can be a bit much, but there is nothing more elegant than the light of a beautiful candle in a glass that can be repurposed and loved long after the flame goes out, making for the perfect birthday party favors for adults.

We love these by Linnea.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also make your own candles! We loved watching Rajiv Surendra make handmade candles in his one-bedroom apartment in New York on his new show Homeboy on Discovery +.

Pair the candles with: Ensemble du Chocolat

Our most lavish gift offers to assuage every chocolate desire. The Ensemble du Chocolat is an elegant way to quench cravings and experience our very best. Our round keepsake gift box houses a lovely array of haut-chocolat to sample, nibble, snitch and share (or not). Lift the purple lid to reveal exotic truffles, fluffy marshmallows, rich peanut butter bonbons and a Bombalina. This gift was dreamed up with your soirées, friends and corporate gifts in mind - a picturesque presentation, perfectly suited for special clients or as the centerpiece of your dessert table. Serves about 10-15 people.

For a Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower:

Allow your guests to continue toasting the happy couple with a pair of drinking glasses. Don’t let the traditional champagne glass constrain your choice. We love choosing interesting vintage barware or a quirky new cup as a unique party favor that makes drinking bubbles truly memorable. Add a glamorous mini bottle of champagne and bottle opener to complete this special set. 

We love delicate glasses from Kimura Glass.

Pair the glasses with: Love Potion Champagne Truffles

We have married 85% cacao dark chocolate with renowned Krug™ Grand Cuvée and Crème de Cassis encased in our proprietary dark chocolate and hand topped with 23-karat gold leaf, completing each precious gem.

For a Baby Shower:

Everyone, including the Mama or Papa-to-be, will appreciate a pretty package of self-care. Choose lip balm, nail polish, bath bombs and perhaps a mason jar filled with homemade bath salts to make a box or bag filled with nurturing lotions and potions (all without any nasty chemicals, of course.

We love these deco jars from Weck.

Pair this self-care kit with: Self Love: Salty and Sweet Collection

A lovely self-love experience included with our beloved peanut butter bonbons, a blend of 45% cacao deep milk chocolate and artisan peanut butter topped with Maldon salt aside our handcrafted caramel marshmallows with Reunion Island vanilla bean, pecans and walnuts enrobed in 62% cacao dark chocolate.

For a Kids Party:

Favors for kids can be sophisticated (i.e. not a goody bag of candy and plastic junk that is forgotten before the car ride home is over,) as well as fun. We love anything that inspires imagination and curiosity, so a maker's kit is a perfect party favor idea. Choose some homemade crayons, sidewalk chalk, or paints and pair them with some nice pencils and paper. 

We love supplies made by Honeysticks.

Pair these creativity tools with: Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

A curated collection of our six bestselling Chocolate Bars. Crafted with superior source ingredients and exotic parfums from around the world, this library offers the very best of Vosges’ must-have chocolate bars.

For a Just Because Party:

Recently, a friend of ours had a favorites party and we love the idea. Ask each party guest attending to bring their favorite simple luxury for everyone joining the party. This could be their favorite ingredient, spice, cookies, beauty tool, notebook, wherever it is that fits their fancy. Be sure to cap the $ as they are bringing one of their favorites for each person and this isn’t about breaking the bank, rather having their favorites have a moment in the spotlight!

To everyone’s favorites add: Caramel Marshmallow Collection

The juxtaposition of a fluffy homemade marshmallow against tongue-coating caramel studded with crunchy nuts is the secret to taking good ingredients and creating greatness. Our handcrafted Marshmallows are an enduring favorite. Fluffy Madagascar bourbon vanilla marshmallow is topped with a chewy square of small batch caramel, enrobed in 62% cacao dark chocolate and topped with walnuts and pecans; our Caramel Marshmallows bring a luxurious twist to this comfort food classic.

If you are not in need of elegant party favors for adults or children, you can repurpose this list when in need of unique stocking stuffer ideas during the holidays, gift ideas for a host or hostess or for colleagues in the office. No matter the occasion, we hope all your entertaining will have an elegant and thoughtful finish in the form of an elegant parting party favor and luxury chocolates to pair. Bon soiree!