The Best Stocking Stuffer And Small Gift Ideas

Traditions for the Season of Small Gifting

This holiday season, how will you fill your loved ones’ and friends’ stockings? Along with that question, people tend to ask, what are good ideas for stocking stuffers, thank you gifts and what is a good hostess gift? This guide will walk you through some amazing small gift ideas for Christmas stockings,  and if you don’t celebrate with stockings, never fear! We guarantee that you'll find a small gift idea that is perfect for the holiday season, no stockings required!

Stocking stuffers

A Fanciful Story

Gifting small Christmas gifts has been a tradition for more than two centuries, but how did this custom of fancy stockings hanging on the fireplace begin? A family in dire straits left their wet stockings to be hung on the fireplace to dry. St. Nicholas, passing by, threw three bags of gold through the open window, which landed in the warming socks. With money to ease their financial woes, the family was joyous, and they lived happily after. Somehow this story passed from person to person, and in the 1800’s, European children used their every-day socks to collect small gifts from St. Nick. Eventually, there were special Christmas stockings created for this purpose and the rest is history.

To celebrate this storied tale, here are some of our favorite stocking stuffer and small holiday gift ideas to help you think of a great idea for your holiday gifts. These little luxuries are some of our very best offerings to celebrate the season and the new year.

For the Coffee Lover:

A Cacao Elixir is a great stocking stuffer idea that is a tasty treat and a lovely alternative to caffeine. These colorful Vosges Haut-Chocolat bombes are slowly stirred into hot milk (or water), making your morning into a thoughtful ritual. Accompanied by a beautiful mug, a cacao elixir makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift under the tree. 


For the Health-Conscious Connoisseur:

Blackberry Vegan truffles in our gorgeously designed round box is a thoughtful Christmas stocking stuffer idea for those who are mindful eaters. Even without dairy, these chocolate truffle candies are rich and luscious. As an alternative, Pure Plant Chocolate Bars take the best parts of the Cacao, leaving sugars behind. The result is gorgeous bars and the perfect addition to a stocking or a thoughtful gift for a colleague or friend.

For the Traveler:

Give the gift of a Parisian patisserie or a taste of Central America, by putting our Parisienne and Aztec Drinking Chocolates in a small gift basket with a porcelain cup or molinillo for frothing the drink.  Either gift idea will take the recipient to a far-off place with just a sip. It’s hot chocolate, elevated.

Minis for your minis are just what the kids are clamoring for! Fill their Christmas morning with cheer, by including our Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library in their stockings. This will make for a fun stocking stuffer for others to enjoy during the holiday. As they sit in the midst of all of the torn wrapping paper from their gift opening, they can enjoy the sweet treat of chocolate. They’ll love these kid-sized bars even more than the usual candy canes.

For Your Gift Exchanges or Secret Santas: 

Our toffee chocolate says Happy Holidays with all the yuletide flavors. This new twist on traditional toffee includes candied and spiced pecans, tart cranberries, buttery toffee, cinnamon and deep milk chocolate for a crunchy, festive bite. A holiday season favorite that will make you a favorite gift-giver in the bunch.

Spirits to Get in the Spirit:

The holidays are also the perfect time to clink glasses and fill them with spirits. A gift of whisky glasses, a favorite bottle and our delicious caramels are just the thing. Pair the zing of hibiscus and citrusy blood orange with a delightful aperitif or bitters for a unique gift idea.

When Only the Classics Will Do:

Our signature purple box with grosgrain ribbon makes everyone’s holiday wish list. Filled with four truffles or a chocolate bombe for sharing, these are the most tantalizing tastes of the season.

exotic truffles

From our dark chocolate bars to chocolate truffles, whichever small gifts you choose for your Christmas stocking stuffers or gifts this holiday, you are sure to please the palettes of everyone on your gift list. Good things come in small packages, and your loved ones will adore you for gifting them these chocolate gift sets.

Choose your favorites, hang all of the stockings with care, wait for the arrival of St. Nick and enjoy a haut-chocolat holiday season.