Practice Mindfulness with Chocolate Meditation

Practice Mindfulness with Chocolate Meditation

We live in a sometimes frantic and frenetic world. Our everyday lives are fast paced, sensorily overloaded and it is challenging for many of us to get present, take time to smell the roses and find quiet just for ourselves. There are many benefits to slowing down, seeking an escape from all of the chatter and being mindful. To do this with chocolate just makes it that much sweeter to become a more grounded version of ourselves.

What is the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?

While the two go hand in hand, mindfulness and meditation are not the same thing. Mindfulness is something we can achieve through the practice of meditation. They are mirror-like reflections of one another. Meditation brings us into a space where we can pay attention to “no-thing” and mindfulness brings us into the present moment so that we can achieve “some-thing”. Meditation allows us to explore ourselves with no fixed destination, which brings us closer to mindfulness where we are solidly in a special place where each moment is momentous. It teaches us to be unconditionally present without trying to change what is going on in and around us in everyday life. This is a space of brilliant sanity, where we are fully aware of what is true just as we are.

How do we use Meditation to Become Mindful (and where does the chocolate come in)?!

Mindfulness is a mental skill set and it requires practicing meditation and compassion for us to become adept at it. We need to practice patience and acceptance of our abilities as we learn to meditate. We need to redirect the loops and overwhelming thoughts that we have when we are practicing. When we fail to get fully present through meditation, we need to try again. We need to try again with consistency and forgive ourselves when we are faced with challenges to get present.

Chocolate meditations were ritualized for thousands of years by the Mayans and Aztecs. Taking note of their processes and working to unlock the science of energetics, we have created this collection to be used as a tool to focus deeply on your desired outcomes and unlock your growth. 

These meditations found within are self-affirmations that are heightened by the power of the energetics that we infuse into our chocolates during the manufacturing process, amplifying their taste and ability to achieve a high vibe state.

To meditate with chocolate, you must first choose a chocolate collection. Here are some of our favorites:

Pure Plant 6 Bar Library 

Our new Pure Plant bars allow you to enjoy cacao as close to how nature intended you to: simply. A partnership between Dr. William Li and Katrina, these bars explore how raw cacao can be made into creamy and rich bars without the use of any refined sugars or dairy. The bars include prized ingredients from all over the globe that are known to address the needs of the body to heal, regenerate and nourish itself. Discover our library of Pure Plant bars and experience cacao and chocolate in a new and innovative way.

The Chocolate Ritual Collections 

Rituals are the bridge to connect mind, body and spirit, creating deeper meaning and alignment with Source Energy. When we radiate with this trinity, through eating chocolate in purpose and intention, the everyday becomes extraordinary. Our Ritual Collections allow for belief in your intentions and that mindful eating of chocolate with focused energy can heal through the activation of mind, body, and spirit. These sacred personal ceremonies better align us with our purpose because they allow us to radiate our intentions and express our willingness to receive. We then become illuminated from the inside.

Chocolate Meditation Collection 

Our Chocolate Meditation experience is a collection of exotic truffles specifically chosen for their alchemical properties. Each truffle is paired with a corresponding crystal and a deck of affirmation cards. This collection is an indulgent way to tap into your intuition. Whether you are searching the spiritual realm or practical day-to-day matters, this deck can assist.

Once you have chosen a chocolate, find a quiet space, one where the energy has been cleaned and cleared by smudging it. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes, find your breath and begin to feel grounded in your space. Give gratitude to and honor the Divine, the holy and the angels in your life.

Follow this guide for your meditation: 


Close your eyes and take three ujjayi breaths. As you breathe in, take in the light. Exhale, releasing negative energy and distractions.


Notice the shape, color, sheen, and texture of the chocolate. How would you describe it?


Run your finger against the chocolate. It should always be dry to the touch. Notice the texture as you release the aromatics.


Rub your finger on the chocolate and bring it to your nose. Close your eyes, cup your hand around the truffle and inhale deeply. This aroma will give you a hint of what is to come.


Pick up the chocolate. Take a small bite of the truffle and internalize the meditation. As you taste, the chocolate begins to melt on your tongue, allowing your body the sensation of relaxing into a state of pure presence. Let your distractions come and go. 


Listen as the quiet surrounds you. Tap into the true moment and enjoy the stillness.

Repeat your chocolate mindfulness meditation until you are fully aware that this space is always available to you. A place to pause and breathe. A place that you will become more and more aware of, find easier to tap into and be able to return to whenever you choose to. Mindfulness has endless benefits for our mental and physical well-being. It allows us to become intensely aware of what we are sensing and feeling without interpretation or judgment. Heightened senses allow us to savor pleasure as it occurs and stay in the energy flow of our own creation. It opens us up to experience more love, joy, curbs anxiety and makes everyday life richer. Mindfulness practice through the practice of meditation unleashes our natural curiosity about the inner workings of our mind and heart. It allows us to approach our experiences through the lens of warmth and kindness to ourselves and others.

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