The Magic of Cacao

Chocolate’s long-lost secrets can be traced back over 2,000 years to Mexico and Central America. First discovered by the Aztec and Mayan peoples, the original chocolate brew, xocatyl, was made by grinding the cacao bean with chilies, herbs, annatto, honey, and corn. The frothed tincture was held in the highest regard and believed to bestow wisdom, love, and virility to all who sipped it. Cacao was considered a teacher to open the mind to new ideas, unlock creativity, and download pearls of wisdom from the above.

An Ancient Superfood

Our cacao is sourced, cultivated, and harvested ethically and consciously with love and positive intention. We infuse all our chocolates with a 528 Hz sound frequency known as the love tone.

• Cacao powder is loaded with prebiotics and probiotics, flavanols, powerful antioxidants, and magnesium - a feast for your gut, and a treat for you too.

• The active substance in cacao, theobromine, potentiates the release of dopamine which may boost energy and heighten the ability to have compassion.

• Through the pleasure of drinking or eating cacao you are put into a loving, mindful state, allowing you to come into your physical body with a sense of calm, bliss, heightened focus, and concentration.

• Cacao has the highest frequency and potency to dial you into your sensuality, creativity, and generosity.

Cacao Wellness

From the beginning of our company over twenty years ago, we have sourced ingredients from around the globe that were superior in quality and taste. As we have evolved, Katrina has used the medium of chocolate to contribute to serving a higher purpose of consciousness and wellness. High quality haut-chocolat is good for you, so indulge, connect with cacao, and be healthy!

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