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What happens when you make a mixture of ingredients including unsalted butter, sugar (or brown sugar), and sea salt? You get a beautiful sugar-filled and enticing confection called toffee. Vosges Haut-Chocolat's chocolate toffee brittle combines the exciting flavors of tree nuts and caramel to create a toffee chocolate dessert with flavors like no other milk chocolate toffee candy. While it is common to pair chocolate with things like smooth peanut butter, or crunchy peanut or almond, it is important to explore other toffee barrecipes every once in a while. 

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This treasured homemade toffee recipe from Katrina’s grandmother successfully brings out the true flavor of the toffee mixed with gourmet chocolate to create the perfect pairing. Our handcrafted salty-sweet toffee bits remains a timeless Vosges favorite. Unlike traditional English toffee, our delicious toffee recipe is enrobed in 45% milk chocolate and 55% dark chocolate sprinkled with mineral-rich Pink Himalayan sea salt and a roasted organic walnut and pecan mixture to create the perfect bite to crunchy, buttery chocolate toffee. For anyone with a sweet tooth and a taste of nostalgia, toffee chocolate bars are is a sublime dessert. Our perfect, buttery toffee covered in melted milk chocolate and a pecan and walnut mixture is available on its own or as a part of select Gift Towers and Parcels. Discover our selection of buttery milk and dark chocolate toffee boxes available online.