5 Years in the Making

In the nocturnal realm of slumber, where imagination unfurls its wings, chocolate becomes the ethereal bridge, connecting reality to the luminescent dreamscape. This is no ordinary chocolate, rather a magical concoction, crafted from superior sourced ingredients like chamomile, hops, turmeric, red forest berries and lavender, each element a key to unlock doors to enchanted lands. Infused with cocoa butter, these chocolates melt on your tongue, as soothing as a bedtime story whispered in the glow of twilight. It's a sensory lullaby that gently lulls your mind into a serene trance, opening pathways for dreams to take flight. As you surrender to its allure, you will find yourself transformed - suddenly you are not just dreaming, but living your dreams. Love flourishes, reality is painted in hues of joy, and you are free to soar through the stars, dancing in the iridescent light of your own radiance.

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The Dream Collection

Introducing the Dream Collection, your passport to luminescent dreams and restful sleep. This collection was created to guide you on your trip to dreamland by putting your physical body in a state of ultimate relaxation so that your mind can truly escape.


Superior Sources For Better Sleep

Did you know that chocolate has the power to help prepare our bodies and minds for optimum dreaming? Each truffle, bar, and bite is designed to encourage sleep, wellness, and the manifestation of your dreams using superior sourced ingredients like chamomile, Tulsi, turmeric, lavender, and red forest berries.

Slip Into Slumber

Rest As Ritual

Relax and renew with Forest Slumber Bathing Salts and Palais des Thés Alizes Tea as sweet dreams take hold beneath our silkiest sleep mask. Each batch is handcrafted with a symphony of all-natural essential oils, including the earthy tones of cypress pine and atlas cedarwood, the soothing properties of clary sage, and the invigorating spice of ginger, creating a forest-infused oasis in your bathtub.