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We’ve scoured the globe sourcing the finest ingredients to make your next bake deliciousandhigh vibe. These chocolates contain all the benefits and healing frequencies that exist in the centuries revered cacao plant. The ancients knew of the power of cacao and its abilities to be heart opening and conscious lifting. We’ve taken their knowledge and infused our chocolate with healing sound frequencies that transfer the love and energy used to make them directly to you. Bake with them, or enjoy as an indulgent snack, and feel the power of mighty cacao.

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eating is experience & experience is everything

Get whipping in the kitchen right away with our new range of recipes, featured on the back of every baking box. From perfect pot de crèmes to classic chocolate chip cookies, these recipes will take your sweets and savories from basic bakes to riveting recipes.

sweet & succulent

strawberry pot de crème

Summer is for sipping and tasting toothsome sweets. A classic chocolate custard, or Pot de Crème, paired with ripe and juicy strawberries will cool your mood and raise your vibe. Our 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips are topped with a Chantilly cream in this brilliant and truly Vosgien recipe. 

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voluptuous & rich

chocolate chia seed pudding

Quite simply the easiest and cleanest puddng to make. Perfect for breakfast, a small bite, or dessert. The contrast of our 100% Cacao Powder topped with fresh blackberries has made this recipe everyone's favorite.

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homemade with a kick

red fire chocolate brownies

Ancho and chipotle chilies, freshly ground Sri Lankan Ceylon cinnamon bark, and 62% cacao dark chocolate come together to form a truly ancient and enchanting brownie experience.

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sip & savor

energizing raw honey cacao elixir

Make your mornings, or any time of day, extra special with an Energizing Raw Honey Cacao Elixir- a smooth chocolate drink to boost your energy and mood through cacao's potent theobromine.

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