A Haut-Chocolat Holiday

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Haut-Chocolat Holiday!


’Tis the season for getting into the holiday spirit

As you enter this time of merriment, family, friends and fa la la la, you become a seeker of delight and contemplation, of ways to celebrate the closing of one year and the open window of the next. You can simultaneously be the host of festive fetes and the concierge of your own personal moments of reflection.

The holidays offered our team at Vosges the privilege to dream up an offering of inspired chocolate confections and collections to be your companion during this time of often indescribable magic; the kind that swooshes in with the wind as the days get shorter and beckon us to cozy up in the blanket that is the beginning of the holidays.

‘Tis the season for true indulgence

Imbibe and be merry! Whether it be a stem of champagne, a glass of red or white, a relaxing tisane or creamy cocoa you’re after, chocolate has its place at your dinner party toasts, as a bar snack, as an accompaniment to something soothing and warming, or as the centerpiece of a hot cocoa bar (adults welcome). Hot toddies with a selection of truffles or heaping trays of marshmallows, crushed peppermint candy, jars of jam (a spoonful in your cocoa adds sweetness, complexity and a whole lot of delicious). Stir in homemade dulce de leche and all of your guests will be swooning (even it it a just a party of one)!

Tis the season for being the consummate host

Gather friends and family around your biggest table to share in the decadence of time together. And while you’re there, share in a ritual of breaking chocolate (it’s way more fun than breaking bread).

When the fun and games are complete and the last sweet shards of the soiree savored, indulge in sharing a truffle tasting. For your more academic friends and family, make tasting notes together. For your foodie friends a round of “guess that ingredient” makes for an evening of being curious together. And for those who have no use for such reindeer games, just enjoying each other and a spread of Vosges favorites over hours of chit chat and chatter make for just the kind of memories the holidays are meant for.

’Tis the season for spreading cheer

It’s really the little things that make the world go round and the holidays special. We love making small bites and baubles for stuffing stockings and making someone’s day.

It’s an old cliché, but in a busy world there is nothing more true than the sentiment “it’s the thought that counts”.

We love reminding colleagues, acquaintances, our post people, UPS driver, manicurists, hair colorists (especially them!) favorite baristas, and all of those who make life easier and sweeter, that we’re thinking of them and that we appreciate them with a gift of chocolate. Little chocolate, big impact.

’Tis the season for making the kitchen messy

On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Chocolate is one of the simplest and most complex ingredients and it lends itself to everything from savory to sweet. Bring the holidays from our kitchen to yours and create your own baking competitions. Winner gets to lick the bowl and spoon.

Planning a dinner party or participating in a Potluck?

Be it cakes, cookies, or your first attempt at a mole, a bit of chocolate will take that good recipe over the top to great. We love sharing our recipes with others and many of them can be found in the back pages of this blog, should you need some inspiration for your next culinary endeavor!

’Tis the season for taking care

Amidst the hustle and bustle, take time for powerful practices that promote a sense of positivity and peace throughout the holidays.

Is gratitude your solace? Take a few moments to intentionally reflect on the things you're grateful for. Cultivating gratitude shifts your perspective and will add joy to all your days. And while we’re on the subject of joy, don’t forget to prioritize self-care. Banish long to-do lists and busy schedules where and when you can, and move slowly. Indulge in a favorite book, take a leisurely walk, make time for rest. All of these things create energy and vigor within you and for those in your presence.

’Tis the season for being a Visionary

A study of alchemy was the impetus for the centerpiece of our holiday collections.

The result, a 20-piece collection for creating a spiritual moldboard and a scroll of intention for the new year (and maybe the new you).

Solo, with a cohort of those you love to be creative with, with a partner in life or with your whole crew at work, become visionaries together through all of your senses, especially your taste buds.

’Tis the season for being.

Of all the tasks before and behind you, your biggest assignment this season is to be present. Just be. Let it be. Listen to the silence (maybe of snow). Listen to the laughter of those you love, turn the radio to the station that plays Christmas music all year long. Indulge in the possible and the seemingly impossible. Be merry. Be bright. Let the lights of the holiday be your light and shed it on others. Create. Give hugs, get hugs, and then give some more. And eat the WHOLE chocolate bar if it makes you happy.

We wish you a special, haut-chocolat filled beginning to this season of joy.