Gift Giving Based on Love Language

Everyone has either one love language or a combination of multiple. Words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gift-receiving, and physical touch can all be displayed differently from person to person. Sometimes these love languages clash and finding ways to work around it can be challenging, so we have listed some great love language ideas using chocolate. 

Quality Time & Gift-Receiving

If your love languages are quality time and gift-receiving, then we got you covered. Some examples of quality time gifts that can also be great for your partner with a receiving gifts love language are the chocolate meditation collection, the exotic chocolate truffles collection, and the champagne truffles collection

The chocolate meditation collection is a gift that truly gives. It can be both a perfect gift and a fun activity to do together, checking off each other's love language. This gift will create fun memories to look back at and become a meaningful gift that can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. 


If meditation isn’t something for you, don't worry you can also enjoy exotic chocolate truffles that will take you both on a journey around the world. These chocolates come with a book with guided tasting notes, ingredient sourcing details, and experiential truffle stories and pairings.


And if you both love to open a fresh new bottle of champagne to celebrate the weekend, then the champagne truffles collection is perfect. Give your partner some delicious chocolates that go with their favorite champagne and enjoy each other's presence at the moment.


Physical Touch & Acts of Service Gifts

Physical touch can be tricky and sometimes misunderstood, along with the acts of service love language. If your love languages are physical touch and acts of service, creating a stress-free environment for them can mean so much to them. Some acts of service date ideas can include buying them their favorite snacks and spending time with them watching a show that you both love. But using chocolate as a medium for these love languages, there is an amazing mix.

If you or your partner loves a good old fashion, then creating an Alderwood smoked salt caramel marshie + old fashioned can be a great date night pairing mix. This recipe uses our Alderwood smoked salt caramel marshmallows.

 Alderwood smoked salt caramel marshie + old fashioned

If you love snuggling up on the couch then creating a luxurious hot chocolate to drink under a warm cozy blanket is definitely a great choice! You can also choose from our collection of hot chocolates.

luxurious hot chocolate

Physical Touch & Words of Affirmation Gifts

Having a physical touch a words-of-affirmation love language can sometimes be easy to work with. Sharing intimate moments with each other and sometimes chocolate can enhance that. Nothing says I love you more than a heart-shaped box with some amazing gourmet chocolates. 

The Collezione Italiana can be a great collection to share with each other and talk about how much you mean to each other.

The Collezione Italiana

Chocolate is a great medium to use when addressing each other’s love languages and these love language gift ideas are just some of many you can do. Whether you're looking for quality time love language ideas or receiving gifts love language ideas. There are many collections that can use the Vosges experience to create wonderful long-lasting memories.