Guava Fizz

A fruity and bubbly beverage to enjoy any time of year. Made up of just 3 key ingredients with additional add-in and garnish options to make it to your liking, this drink is a simple pleasure to sip on this holiday season!


  • 2 oz guava jam, chilled (we recommend Guayeco)
  • .5 oz lime juice 
  • 5 oz club soda, chilled
  • To make it a cocktail, add 1 oz of rum (we recommend Blackwell)
  • Optional garnish: 3 leaves of fresh basil or beet microgreens (The Chef’s Garden is one of our favorite, reliable resources for special micro herbs and flowers)

Guava Fizz


  1. Blend the guava preserve and lime juice
  2. Add club soda just to combine and incorporate some frothy air
  3. Serve over ice in your preferred glass
  4. Garnish with basil or beet microgreens

guava fizz


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