The Path to Your Inner Gold

"A fellow alchemist and dear friend, Edward Vasquez from Studio Esoterica designed the majestic dragon on our cover. Edward and I studied with the same teacher at the Alchemy Guild and met in Egypt earlier this year. That meeting was kismet as we were both working on dragon issues and Egypt catapulted us into a massive discomfort and hence, massive transformation and growth began. Be your own Visionary. Feel your way through the dark, trust and know that you have the light within you that will guide you alone in the dark. This is the path to your gold."

- Katrina Markoff, Founder & Chocolatier

Energetic Enchantment

Japanese buckwheat tea, Lions Mane and Chaga mushroom, candied Corsican oranges, natural peppermint candy cane, and more superior sourced ingredients come together to take you palate on a transformational journey.


Give the Gift of Gratitude

Joy flows into your life when you have a daily gratitude practice. Regular acknowledgment of the wins in your day is a massive mood lift. Start by trying this with simple things. Write your wins on any piece of paper as a way to express your gratitude. Don't overthink it, let it flow like a brain storm of all the good around you. Make gratitude a habit. 


Limited Edition Holiday Collection

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