With Love and a Cherry on Top: The Chocolate Crush Collection

Love is in the air, and this Valentine's Day, we have a sweet bite for every loved one, lover, crush, or friend. We're all about going back to the future, to the love and light of eras gone by.

With The Chords' "Sh-boom" playing in the background, we're getting nostalgic, making Valentine's Day cards for all our nearest and dearest with doilies and construction paper and crafting mailboxes out of our new chocolate gift boxes, a 1950s throwback in more ways than one.

We've been musing our favorite dreamboats and the tastes of idyllic decades, which we gathered into this collection worthy of any fabulous Valentine's Day fête. Each chocolate in this year's collection is its own Valentine that will bring the fizz and sparkle of love in all its forms, and we have just the treat for every lovely on your list.

For True Love: Let us count the ways you can say "I love you" to the one who has truly captured your heart.

Toast your love with our Chocolate Wine & Spirit Pairings. Plan a special date and bring out your favorite vintage barware. Pour two glasses and peruse the keepsake wine book. It's an intimate experience for two, making for the most memorable Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Crush Collection
Sometimes bigger is better! Make a BIG statement with this collection of truffles that will make you and your love nostalgic for a time gone by. Make your favorite cocktails and clink coupes as you enjoy a flavorful tour through the past.

For Your Favorite Friends: Whether you need party favors for a Galentine's Day celebration or want to treat your co-workers with confections they'll love you for.

We've been sharing and making hearts smile with our petite 2 and 4-piece collections for a myriad of occasions for over two decades. Add a note with fun, sweet nothings, and voila, you have the perfect tiny treat to say: you've made my list!

For the One You Love to Flirt with or to Send Someone a Hint: Sometimes you need to take a leap and let your crush in on the secret that you feel butterflies whenever you think about them.

Put pen to paper and tell the person you feel the tingle of new love for that you've been thinking of them (and writing their name in your notebook with big hearts around it)! The Love Note Truffle Collection will help you express your fondness and adoration. 

Sometimes, the best way to tell your secret love that you only have eyes for them is to pour some liquid courage. We suggest something bubbly and sweet paired with our effervescent Pink Champagne Truffles. Dip them in your glass for a taste that will have you professing and confessing your innermost feelings.

For a Kid or Kid at Heart: Even your littlest Valentine's will have a holiday to remember.

Tiny bonbons for your tiniest Valentine. Let them unwrap the sweetest sweet and savor the yummiest bites of rich caramel and chocolate. They can even keep the tube they come in to hide little treasures and their favorite mementos.

Chocolates for your mini-me and their pals are the perfect way to celebrate. Help them make Valentines for all their schoolmates and attach them to each of our Exotic Chocolate bars in miniature form.

Remember, your first love might be your nearest and dearest family and friends. Make them feel your love with a bit of pampering.

Cook a meal for one or many who you love. Set the table with the fancy china, sprinkle confetti hearts on the table, and bring out the doilies! Delicious food and delectable chocolate are on the menu! The High-Phenolic Kyoord Olive Oil and Chocolate Truffle Gift Set is the ultimate kitchen companion that will infuse your Valentine's meal with the magic of "liquid gold." 

Sometimes, the gift of rest is the biggest expression of love. Plan a day at the spa or make your own at home for a party of one (or EVERY one) with the Dream Collection. Set a table with eye masks on the plates as favors, share your favorite lotions and potions, and bring on the chocolate.

Our team adores concocting and creating chocolates for you and your loved ones- for every way you spend the day, all the plans you plot to reveal your heart, and everyone you share it with. So, grab your fanciest barware, dress your best, and dim the lights because our love letter to you is this season of sweetness and all the haut chocolate found within, and of course, it's S.W.A.K.