fine chocolates for new beginnings

In our newest collection, we honor the Japanese goddess Uzume. Her legend illustrates a beautiful and unique approach to problem solving by engaging her sense of humor, dance and levity. She reminds us that we have this creative power within ourselves to navigate through the most difficult resistances and always reach towards a new dawn to expand.

collection uzume

We chronicle the unique characteristics of every root, island black sugar, sake, sesame seed and obscurity to highlight the craft and pristine cultivation that comes from Japan.

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yuzu raspberry cakes

We celebrate our love of one of the most highly aromatic and dynamic citrus fruits, the yuzu. These Spring limited-edition petits gateaux are infused with the Eastern Asian influence of yuzu whilst also paying homage to the pâtissiers of the past, who finely crafted petit fours in late 18th and 19th century France.  

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cranberry pecan toffee

A new Spring twist on our beloved toffee. Donned in spiced pecans and cranberries with a heart center of Ceylon cinnamon spiced, sweet butter toffee encased in 45% cacao deep milk chocolate.

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The white peach is a varietal brought to mainland Japan from China during the Meiji period at the end of the19th century. To produce the milky, rich and tender flesh, requires careful cultivation and process. Each of these precious fruits is covered with a small bag as it grows, to protect it while its delicate, white skin ripens to perfection. Time consuming and laborious, this technique is the high standard for cultivating some of the most delicious peaches in the world. Bitter almond, a parfum considered a spring flavor in Japanese culture, finishes this marzipan and white chocolate as elegantly as the white peach itself.

recipes inspired by uzume

cherry blossom tea latte

You can find pink "Sakura" cherry blossoms like umbrellas overhead all throughout Japan during the month of April. In a unique process, the blossoms are pickled and packaged as tea for a sweet, yet slightly sour, exquisite tea from Kyoto.

momoko white peach cocktail or mocktail

This drink possesses the magical virtues of peaches and cherry. Inspired by celebrated Japanese Spring flavors, this cocktail has an abundance of flavor and displays a luminescent hue. 

london fog cacao latte

A simple way to incorporate chocolate into your morning ritualand start your day with a high vibe experience is by dropping a truffle into your morning tea latte, cacao latte or coffee and making a wish.