Day 17: Enchanted Mini Mushroom

Day 17: The Enchanted Mini Mushroom 

Gianduia I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnut toadstools in 45% cacao deep milk chocolate.

Our Enchanted Mini Mushrooms began as a Springtime creation, but their love took root and flourished beyond the blossoming season. These little chocolate toadstools made a delicious comeback for our holiday season, and frankly, need no pairing. Just eat them s l o w l y - letting each bite melt in your mouth. 

Like the gnome, spotted mushrooms are often used in holiday décor all around the world, and are often pictured together. These bright, eye catching mushrooms, typically modeled after the amanita muscaria or "fly agaric" mushroom, add a bright and cheerful "pop" to the holiday season and are actually thought to have a historical connection to Christmas. Because of it's use in shamanic rituals, many believe that this funny little fungi actually influenced the visual design of Santa Claus' suit and flying reindeer.