A Peek Inside: Le Château Gingerbread


Two years in the making, the exclusive Le Château Gingerbread Haut-Chocolat Calendar of Advent has finally made its debut. Offering a unique holiday experience with 25 days of new discoveries, symphonically infused chocolate, and playful details that mesmerize and enchant, it's no wonder that our Advent Calendars have sold out for six years in a row.

At the start, the box was inspired by the Notre Dame cathedral with its vaulted ceiling, ornate columns, candied stained glass windows, and flying buttresses. This grandiose castle drips with glitter-encrusted icing, a shimmery gumdrop roof, snowy pearls, and swirling peppermints. We've even added nostalgic candy pieces and gingerbread characters reimagined and arranged into an exquisite orchestra playing the Nutcracker Op. 71 Russian Dance, March of the Wooden Soldiers, and Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Violin Concerto in F Major with peppermint pipes and candy cane flutes.

Creative Director Elizabeth Kohrman mentioned that "when designing this box, I wanted to touch on all pieces that make the holidays magical - extravagant decorations, getting dressed up to go out and see performances at grand theaters and timeless churches, listening to music and singing, adorning cookies with sparkly sugar and playful icing, mixing colors, spreading love." And that creative spark is exactly what Liz infused into this year's final design.

"Creation comes alive during Christmas; life is no longer ordinary; you're suddenly surrounded by lights, ornaments, greenery, snow, sparkle, elves, storytelling, smiles, music, family, and food. You're filled with bubbles, treats, and the spirit of giving. This box celebrates all those deep traditions and happy rituals," says Liz.

But beyond the box itself, or within, lies the symphonically infused chocolate and special edition dainties that will turn each day into a moment of enchantment. As the Gingerbread Orchestra plays through three classic holiday tunes, the music continues to imbue each confection with the positivity-promoting, miracle tone known as 432hz. We have also added a special edition Vosges x Linnea's Lights holiday candle in the scent "Nordic Forest" to make those winter mornings (or nights) extra magical, creating a truly sensory holiday experience.

After nearly a month of unveiling drawers and doors brimming with delightful surprises, the ultimate treat awaits in Santa's Surprise Bag- a velvet satchel filled with treats to share with the 'man in red' or the entire family on Christmas morning. However you choose to indulge, this bespoke Advent collectible is designed to foster shared joy and lasting memories of the holiday season.

This one-of-a-kind collection marks our inaugural venture into a truly bespoke Calendar of Advent. We're thrilled to kick off the countdown with you all this upcoming holiday season, igniting the excitement and anticipation of the festive days ahead.

Reserve your Calendar of Advent before July 24th!